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PGT Windows

PGT is founded in 1980. At that time, the company was able to introduce impact-resistant windows and doors in the US. Today, it still leads in terms of the manufacturing of the impact-resistant windows and doors that it has become a pioneer of. Would you believe that the company has grown from only four employees in 1980 to 1,200 today? The PGT Company is housed in southwest Florida but it sells its products to the Gulf Coast, to the Eastern US, to the Caribbean, and even to other parts of the world. The company is making itself known as a provider of high-quality windows and doors. It is now the leading provider of residential windows, at least those with impact resistance, in its area.

Range of Windows Available

Here are the wide variety of PGT windows types clients can choose from:

Winguard Impact Resistant Windows

These are the windows that made PGT popular, especially on the Eastern coast, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean. They are strong enough to withstand the force of the angriest hurricane storm. Among the about two million units installed, there have been no reports of impact failures. Not only can these windows take on hurricane strength but they also keep away thieves and noise, while filtering out light.

Architectural Systems Windows

These PGT windows are recommended for commercial projects or even for historical restorations. They lend both strength and beauty to buildings.

Aluminum Windows

Some of the PGT windows are made of aluminum. Aluminum windows are practical choices. They are affordable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. However, they can still provide stylish designs because PGT does them well.

PremierVue Windows

Clients who want stylish windows that can also deliver in terms of air and water resistance may have to go with PremierVue windows. These PGT windows are recommended to both single and multi-family apartments.

Vinyl Windows

PGT also offers windows made of vinyl material. These windows do not only reduce noise and utility costs but also filters out 99% of UV rays.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

PGT windows are mostly very safe, strong, and resistant. These are good for homes or buildings that are located in areas that are usually hit by hurricanes. Windows from PGT are very functional and can reduce utility costs while also ensuring the privacy and comfort of the people inside the building.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

The windows from the PGT Company are made of various materials. So, clients can find a set that can fit into their budget. With about two million units sold within Florida and its surrounding areas, it can be assumed that most of the units are very much affordable. Clients can always call the company for a free quotation if they want specific amounts.

Care & Warranty Information

So far, the units that are used to withstand the rampage of hurricanes have not failed homeowners and business owners. The PGT Company assures buyers that its products do not have any defects. If the windows can withstand hurricanes, they can certainly withstand the test of time.