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Best Replacement Windows

Replacing old, drafty or damaged windows is part and parcel of being a homeowner. But what are the best?

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    Best Replacement Windows

    Replacing old, drafty, or damaged windows is just part of being a homeowner. So what are the best replacement windows for your home or business? Every brand of widow is slightly different than the next and equally todays consumers have very different requirements. With the continued influence of technology on window design consumers now consistently demand more from their window products. When a homeowner seriously starts to check replacement window prices, its easy to get overwhelmed with a;; the different options and choices available. New windows now come in a myriad of different styles, colors, framing and materials. 

    The average homeowner today has access to the best quality windows ever designed from some of the worlds leading brands that guarantee a product that performs beyond anything ever seen. With the latest in energy-efficient window replacement, youll not only be lowering your heating and cooling cost all year round to save but alos commiting to a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle choice with an eco-friendly approach. 

    However, always keep in mind that your unique and specific requirements are ultimately what matters. That’s and of course your budget. So before you start to check replacement window prices from professionals near you, here’s a breakdown of the best replacement windows you totally have to consider this year.

    Whether you want to improve your homes insulation, curb appeal, or just channel some more natural light through all your living areas. If you want the ebst bang for your buck, weve put togeter a list of brans you bsolutely have to consider when you check replacmenet window prices for your next project.


    The Top Replacement Windows You Absolutely Have To Consider This Year

    There are many different brands to choose from. Some have a better track record than others. Some are household names whil eotehrs may purport to stock top-quality products without necessart certifications. Thats why weve compllied a list of the top 10 most reputable brands to consider. If your serious about window replacement that offers a quality stamp of approval with an industry leading warranty attached to your window replacement, here are the top brands to put on your shorlist:

    Andersen Windows

    One of the most recognized names in the window industry. Being established in 1903, this company has more than a century of experience. The Andersen corporation is recognized in markets throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, making them a well-established international brand.

    Their window ranges include: 

    • Bay & Bow Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Gliding Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Single and Double Hung
    • Range of Speciality Windows

    There are also several different framing materials to select from:


    • Aluminum
    • Fiberglass
    • Fibrex
    • Vinyl
    • Wood

    Apart from making the all-important decision of window type, you also have options in Low-E, energy-efficient glass, gas-filled glass chambers, and a variety of other optional extras including:


    • Blinds and shades
    • Insect Screens
    • Art Glass
    • Exterior Trim and more 

    Andersen Impact Windows

    If you are preparing your home for hurricane season , Andersen’s A-series Impact windows should definitely make your list. Their range of Stormwatch protection is designed and tested under the most rigorous conditions to ensure it meets the most demanding coastal conditions. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice ant aesthetic appeal no matter the variety of structural reinforcement options you choose. Now you can be prepared  and have peace of mind, no matter what mother nature throws at you.

    How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?

    Window Series Cost
    Andersen 100 Fibrex $238 $366
    Andersen 200 Wood, Vinyl $254 $345
    Andersen 400 Wood, Vinyl $375 $475
    Architectural E-Series Aluminum, Wood $930 $1,040
    Architectural A-Series Fiberglass, Wood, Fibrex $1,030 $1,180

    Andersen Lifetime Warranty

    Offers a limited warranty covering 20 years for glass, and 10 years for non-glass parts. Moreover, this warranty can be transferred to the new owners, making it a very attractive offer  

    Why Should I Choose Anderson?

    If your on the market and checking replacment window prices, remember that for almost 120 years Andersen has strived to establish its quality brand. They have a good track record for reliability and a good reputation amongst builders. However, one thing to keep in mind is that homeowners are not always able to purchase some of the Andersen ranges themselves. These ranges are often sold to installers that are part of an established network. The installers offer custom consultation, project management, and fitting services.

    Pella Windows

    Pella is another leader in the window industry with an extremely good reputation and quality to match. And just like most of the top brands around, Pella has lots of options on offer. What makes them stand out, however is their unwavering commitment to quality.

    Pellas window types include: 

    • Bay & Bow Windows
    • Awnings
    • Casement Windows
    • Sliding Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Single and Double Hung
    • Range of Speciality Windows

    Framing materials to select from:

    • Clad
    • Wood
    • Vinyl
    • Aluminum


    How Much Do Pella Windows Cost

    Window Series Cost
    Encompass Vinyl $220 $315
    Pella 250 Vinyl $285 $365
    Pella 350 Vinyl $325 $415
    Lifestyle Wood $500 $645
    Impervia Fiberglass $350 $475
    Architect 850 Wood $850 $1,515
    Architect Reserve Wood $1,075 $1,915


    Pella's Warranty

    Pella offers some of the strongest warranties in the business. Their limited lifetime warranty is provided to the original buyer of the product. However, unlike some competitors, this warranty is non-transferable . Warranty also differs depending on your product range due to the fact that all product lines may not reflect the same type of quality. Nerveless, Pella still offers a 20 year warranty on wood – making them one of the best brands to choose when you check replacement window prices.  

    Why Should I Choose Pella?

    Pella offers you amazing quality in both their premium and standard quality window ranges. These are the types of windows that can add massive value and energy efficiency to your property. More importantly with great insulation properties in their sturdy design, you can rest assured you will be saving on your energy bills without having to give up any of your property’s natural curb appeal. 

    Milgard Windows

    Milgard windows started manufacturing with aluminum in 1962 and has since then become another household name in the window replacement industry. They believe in providing a superior product that has the edge over anything its competitors have to offer. They also endeavour to produce products locally from their manufacturing plant that not only looks better than anything else on the market but also outperform with innovative design and installations.

    Their range of windows comes in an affordable assortment of styles and materials to choose from. At Milgard, you can find the following window types:

    • Horizontal Slider
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Single and Double Hung
    • Range of Speciality Windows

    There are also several different framing materials to select from:


    • Aluminum
    • Fiberglass
    • Vinyl

    How Much Do Milgard Windows Cost?

    Window Series Cost
    Tuscany Vinyl $250 $2,225 $350 $2,600
    Trinsic Vinyl $300 $795 $400 $1,100
    Ultra Fiberglass $285 $2,350 $425 $2,815
    Style Line Vinyl $195 $850 $315 $1,100
    QuietLine Vinyl $375 $720 $500 $1,015

    Milgard's Warranty

    Milgard offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, which is also one of the best warranties in the industry. Additionally, the coverage extends for 10 years from the initial date of the original warranty to any successive owners 

    Why Choose Milgard?

    If your looking to change the overall look and fell of your home and improve its outdated style, or whether your interested in affordable, energy-efficient design, Milgard will have you covered. With a comprehensive network of 3000+ locally operated dealerships, you know that you are dealing with one of the most trusted names in the  window industry.

    Simonton Windows

    Simonton has been manufacturing windows since 1946 and in 1998 this company was voted numer 1 for quality in a study by Builder magazine. In 2014, Simonton was acquired by Plygem while continuing to produce vinyl replacement and new construction windows and doors. Today, Simonton windows is proud to be one of the leading brands in the industry that offers great service every time.

    At Simonton, you can find the following window types:

    • Double and Single Hung
    • Slider Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Geometric Windows
    • Garden Windows

    There are also several different framing materials to select from:

    • Wood
    • Vinyl


    Simonton Windows Cost

    Window Series Cost
    Reflections Vinyl $195 $1,175 $300 $1,355
    Asure Vinyl $275 $700 $380 $890
    Impressions Vinyl $265 $935 $352 $1,250

    Simontons window ranges also include:

    • StormBreaker Plus – Perfect for coastal areas or environments that experience frequent storms.
    • ProFinish  Brickmould – For those interested in a more traditional look.
    • DaylightMax – Offer a unique, energy-efficient design for classical-styles homes.
    • Madeira – Energy efficient design for classical styled homes.
    • Verona – High quality, low maintenance design

    Why Should I Choose Simonton?

    Apart from simontons amazing, high quality product line, this company also brings affordability to the industry. They believe in giving back to the community with several programs. So if your looking for affordable windows taht dont lack quality, you should consider Simonton.

    Alside Windows

    Alside is undoubtedly one of the most trusted names in windows today with more than 65 years experience. More importantly the vast majority of windows installed by Alside over the past quarter of a century are still in use. They offer several energy efficient lines for premium vinyl replacement or new construction.

    Alsides range of vinyl window options include the following styles:

    • Double and Single Hung
    • Slider Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Swing & Clean
    • Bay & Bow Windows
    • Garden
    • Speciality

    How Much Do Alside Windows Cost?

    Window Series Cost
    Sheffield Fusion Vinyl $235 $305 $365 $425
    UltraMaxx Fusion Vinyl $565 $735 $685 $875
    Mezzo Energy-Efficient Vinyl $380 $565 $525 $620
    Sheffield II Vinyl $635 $900 $785 $1,075

    Alside windows come i several new construction and replacement lines. These windows are custom made to fit in an existing window opening. Alside windows are mainly sold in the mid west and eastern parts of the country, usually at Lowes as well as independent home centres. For more than 65 years Alside has provided exceptional replacement windows for homes and businesses. Their commitment to innovative design, advanced technology, superior craftmanship and outstanding customer service has defined their legacy as true leaders in home windows.

    Why Should I Choose Alside

    As with may of the top window manufacturers out there, a lot depends on the installation and the contractor responsible for the project. When it comes to the design, functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of Alside windows, you can rest assured you are investing in a quality product.  

    Atrium Windows

    Atrium window and doors opened for business in 1946 with a strong set of business values. Today, this manufacturer is one of the largest suppliers of premium vinyl windows and doors in North America with strategically placed plants in both Texas and North Carolina. Atrium brings precision engineered products to the market and deliver the stability, quality and energy efficiency that homebuyers actually value.

    At Atrium Windows, you will find replacement vinyl and new construction windows in the following styles:

    • Double Hung
    • Tilt/ side-load single hung
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Hopper Windows
    • Bay & Bow Windows
    • Garden Windows
    • Architectural Shapes

    Atrium Windows Cost

    Atriums windows fall within the average price range, meaning that you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 per window to about $800 installed. However based on average costs, you should consider the following:

    Window Style Cost
    Single-Hung $100 $320
    Double Hung $425 $595
    Casement $350 $700
    Awning $270 $550
    Hopper $275 $685
    Bay $1,150 $3,315
    Bow $3,250 $4,100
    Garden $500 $2,615

    Why Choose Atrium?

    Atrium windows and doors has three quarters of a century experience in the industry. They are dedicated to producing only the highest quality products and services. They offer products to meet specific needs and preferences to ensure they can cater to a wide variety of clientele.

    Jeld-Wen Windows

    Jeld wen windows is recognised as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of windows and window frames. Founded in 1960 this company has more than half a century’s experience behind them. one of the biggest secrets to its success is the company’s resourcefulness. They literally use every raw resource that enters the door. With Jeld Wen you will surely be able to fins any style to suit your unique requirements and their friendly, knowledgeable staff are always there to assist.

    At Jeld-Wen, your options include the following window styles:

    • Double and Single Hung
    • Fixed Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Garden Windows
    • Bay and Bow

    Jeld-Wen Windows Prices

    Window Series Cost
    Builders Atlantic Aluminum $225 $515
    Builders V-2500 Vinyl $185 $705
    Brickmould Vinyl $345 $825
    Flat Casing Vinyl $285 $850
    Premium V-4500 Vinyl $220 $925
    Premium Atlantic Vinyl $400 $1,100
    W-2500 Clad Wood $325 $1,010
    Siteline Clad Wood $350 $1,265
    W-5500 Clad Wood $425 $1,575
    EpicVue Clad Wood $460 $1,825
    Custom Wood Wood $510 $2,300+
    DF Hybrid Wood/Vinyl Hybrid $335 $1,105

    Why Should I Choose Jeld-Wen?

    When checking out Jeld Wen online, you wil run into a lot of bad reviews that stem from contractors performing the installations as well as the retail outlets themselves. Being a household name its not that hard to see why Jeld wen might get some of these kind of reviews. In terms of the actual quality of the product, there is no disagreement that Jeld wen’s product performs well and look beautiful.

    Weather Shield Windows

    Founded in 1955, weather shield has evolved to become one of the most trusted names in windows. Today Weather Shield continues as a family owned and operated business with more than 60 years of solid dedication. They provide new construction windows as well as remodelling and replacement windows for just about any space you can imagine.

    At Weather Shield your window options include the following styles:

    • Double Hung
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Slider Windows
    • Speciality Windows

    Weather Shield windows offers its customers five product lines that address every homes window needs. These include:

    • Contemporary Collection
    • Premium Series
    • Premium Coastal
    • Signature Series
    • Aspire Series


    All of the weather shield products come with a warranty and depending on the product and materials, the warranty will differ. Weather Shield offers 20 years for windows, 10 years for hardware finishes, 10 – 20 on aluminum and fiberglass, 5 years on glass, and 1 -2 years for wood. However its highly advised to check locally as warranties may slightly differ.


    Weather Shield Window Cost

    Weathershield does not advertise any of its pricing anywhere. However you can consider that their prices can range from $350 to $865 for a normal double hung window

    Why Should i Choose Weather Shield?

    Several reasons make Weather Shield stand out. For one, this family-owned company is continuously working on innovative new ideas and designs. In fact they have their very own research and development center alongside the largest test lab in the industry. They alos offer design flexibility for your convenience – with over 6 million different configurations available on their casement windows alone! Moreover their energy efficient design will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

    Harvey Windows

    Harvey windows is a wholesale distributor and they do not sell directly to the public. However this business model ahs not stood in the way if their success. They distribute their line of windows through a network of builders, contractors and replacement window suppliers. With American made windows Harvey sets itself apart by designing all its windows in a state of the art facility. Harvey strives to not only provide high quality aesthetically pleasing products but also be a pillar of the community by minimizing its impact in the environment.

    Haveys window styles include:

    • Double and Single Hung
    • Bay & Bow
    • Gliding Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Hopper Windows
    • Picture Windows

    Harvey Windows Cost

    Window Series Cost
    Slimline Vinyl $290 $395
    Classic Vinyl $365 $465
    Provia Storm Window Aluminum $700+ $825+
    Tribute Energy Star Vinyl $460 $650

    Why Should i Choose Harvey?

    Harvey offers quality aluminum and vinyl windows in all styles and colours you’ll ever need. Harvey offers a 10-year warranty that excludes glass breakage and torn screens.

    Certainteed Windows

    CertainTeed windows have been in the market on the west coast since 1985. However the CertainTeed-branded  windows are now manufactured by MI windows and doors. Every window they manufacture is custom-made and built to suit the customers exact and specific needs.

    Window styles include:

    • Single and double slider
    • Projection
    • Picture
    • Double-Hung
    • Casement

    Certainteed Windows Cost

    Window Type Cost
    EnergyCore (EC) Vinyl $290 - $1,025
    HomeMaker (HM) Vinyl $270 - $955
    1200 Series Vinyl $190 - $525
    1300 Series Vinyl $225 - $775
    1500 Series Vinyl $335 - $845
    1600 Series Vinyl $315 - $875
    3500 Series Vinyl $335 - $965
    4300 Series Vinyl $380 - $1,095
    Pro 5000 Vinyl $420 - $1,150
    9000 Series Vinyl $490 - $950 (per window)

    Why Choose Certainteed/Mi Windows

    Certainteeds specific products and models have changed rather significantly throughout the years. many of its older ranges have been discontinued and replaced by new ranges from MI. Investing in any of their window products will give you peace of mind that you have made a smart choice.

    Replacement Windows Offer a High Return On Investment

    For some homeowners, replacing windows may be the only option. For others remodelling may simply be a way of making their home more comfortable to live in while at the same time increasing its overall value. Compared to most remodelling projects, windows offer one of the highest ROI’s. Investing in mid range vinyl can recoup anywhere between 7- -75 % of the initial cost. Wood windows on the other hand can be as high as 80%.

    How Much Will It Cost To Replace Just 1 Window?

    This is probably the most common question we get and the answer is not a straightforward one. figuring out a price on 1 new or replacement window is an involved process. The type of window, its size, your framing material and he scope of the project will all influence the overall cost calculation. Just like a lot of other products and services the price you pay depends on the quality you receive.

    Equally, your regional pricing trends could play a large part, especially when dealing with local contractors. Furthermore, figuring out exactly what you want from your window is part of the process and will often dictate your price range. 

    However, depending on the manufacturer, type, and style of window, the average price to replace one window can range anywhere between $300 to $800 per window – not including installations. Installations can cost anywhere from $150 to $400 per window and, depending on your region, could be and hourly or a flat fee. But before you invest in any window, be sure to vet the supplier and check your products certification.

    How Much Will 3 Windows Cost To Replace?

    The cost of windows can vary greatly. Costs can range anywhere from as little a $220 for a small vinyl replacement, while higher-end windows can cost upwards of $1275. However based on the US averages, you should be budgeting anywhere from $700 – $2575 to install 3 new windows. Keep in mind that labor and material costs can differ vastly depending on where you live, so gathering estimates from at least 2 suppliers is vital.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace 10 Windows?

    Replacing 10 windows can range anywhere in price from $3100 – $10,000 and more. Again to really get an accurate estimate of how much your specific window installation, repair, or replacement will cost, you absolutely have to reach out to local experts to compare their estimates.

    How Much Does I Cost To Repair a Home Window?

    The cost of repairing a home window will also largely depend on the cost of your replacement window. Obviously, a single-hung vinyl window will cost less to repair than a Bay or a Bow window. Equally, it could be hard to diagnose the problem without a consultation. Sometimes, the repair is not an option. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of repairs is often in the same ballpark as replacement.

    Types Of Replacement Windows To Consider

    As already seen, there are many different types of replacement windows to consider, Lets take a closer look:

    Single-and Double-Hung Windows

    Both single hung and double hung windows consist of two windowpane units. These are some of the most popular replacement windows of all time. Not only do they look great, but they are versatile too. Single-hung windows are easy to manufacture and reasonably priced.

    They have a fixed top sash with a lower sash that can open. When both sashes are able to open independently, this is known as traditional double-hung. Double-hung windows are slightly more popular and they are also easier to clean.

    Casement Windows

    A casement window is framed window pane unit designed to open horizontally with one-sided hinges and an interior crank. They can be arranged in groups to form various complex designs. To make it easier to understand, consider that a Bow window consists of 3 casement windows

    Bay and Bow Windows

    Bow windows are a less common form of bay windows. Bay windows project  beyond the exterior wall of a building and consists of 3 casement windows joined together. Bow windows combine four or more casement windows to form an arch.

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows open from the bottom upwards and outwards, allowing them to remain open while it rains. They often form part of a set of four or more windows

    Fixed Windows

    Fixed windows cannot be opened. Hey are perfect for opening up your home and channel; in the natural light . Fixed windows are a popular choice if you have a garden to display

    Hopper Windows

    The hopper is the ideal window for small spaces. They more often than not form part of basement windows or small bathroom windows. More importantly, they can open either out or inwards, making them ideal for tight spaces.

    Picture Windows

    These windows are large windows and are usually installed in living or dining rooms. They are made up of one pane of glass and provide clear views of the outside.

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