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Lowes Windows

Lowe’s Windows is the second-largest home improvement store worldwide, having in stock more than 40,000 products ranging in twenty different categories.

The company ensures social responsibility by providing only quality products that will improve the places people call their homes. The company has received several merits, including rank 49 on the Fortune 500; two-time recipient of the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Awards in Retail; gold winner for the Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles Award; and Corporate Partner of the Year Award from the Urban League of Central Carolinas. Today, Lowe’s Windows serves its markets in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Lowe's Windows Options

Lowe’s Windows has a wide range of window styles for your home:

Lowe’s Accent Windows

Lowe’s Picture Windows

Lowe’s Awning Windows

Lowe’s Basement Hopper Windows

Lowe’s Double Hung Windows

Lowe’s Glass Block Windows

Lowe’s Single Hung Windows

Lowe’s Sliding Windows

Lowe’s Storm Windows

Lowe's Hassle Free Shopping

Lowe’s Windows offers customers one of the best, hassle-free shopping experiences online. Expect all products to come from the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Wellcraft, Betterbilt, Century Specialty, Comfort-Bilt, and so much more.

Depending on the type and manufacturer of the window, customers can get the latest technologies altogether. There are windows with triple glazing, insulated glass that reduces cooling and heating costs. Some have the DuraSeal Spacer System, sound reduction, pre-mitered profile, woodpile weatherstripping, predrilled holes for easier installation, adjustable ventilation stops, and many other features that make a home sound-proof, secure, and fully insulated.

One of the best features useful for shoppers is the specifications tab for each window product. This tab tells the customers every aspect they are looking for a specific type of windows, such as grid profile, color or finish, window shape, glass strength, screen type, tilting, window design, lock type, nail fin, balance system, jamb depth, and a long list of other particulars.

Other good features are the review section and Q&A section, which provide additional information about the products coming from other shoppers. There are hundreds of windows to browse through the site, and each window has its own dedicated page. Customers can save the item they are looking to buy, or they can set a reminder for a product that they want to purchase in the future. Once the reminder is set, they will receive email notifications about similar products and when it is the best time to buy. Before purchasing, customers must enter their zip code to get the price of the product and its availability within their residential area.