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Reynolds Windows

Reynolds Windows is a top manufacturer of custom-made aluminum windows since 1962. Specialty windows made from high quality materials are what Reynolds Windows strives to deliver to all its customers. Its wide selection of window products has an excellent energy efficiency rating that surpasses the AAWA requirements. From residential dwellings and architectural projects to commercial construction and historical endeavors, Reynolds is a window brand you can trust. Since 1986, Reynolds Windows has been using insulated thermal-resistant materials to ensure maximum savings for all window units. In 1955, this company became a subsidiary of S&M Supply Co. Inc, which is a Texas corporation that makes Tar Baby Roofing mops.

Because of the customized strategies of Reynolds Windows in handling its products, you can have 100% satisfaction with all your orders here. You can easily have window products that fit your budget and style preference. There is also a wide selection of hardware and screen options to enhance the aesthetic quality of your windows. From installation time, you have one whole year of warranty to make sure that your windows are at their peak performance.

Reynolds Windows boasts of its Precision Aluminum Storm Window Series 3000. It is a single-hung type of window with thermally enhanced metal frames. It is available in white, bronze, clear anodized, and bronze anodized. This commercial performance window class passes high air infiltration tests. Its tilt-down sash is removable although the top glass remains at a fixed point. Its adjustable balances are replaceable. You can also opt to put the operating sash in a fixed point to meet specific requirements of H.U.D. Housing Authorities, school dormitories, etc.

The Precision Aluminum Storm Window Series 3000 has insulated glass with a 7/8 thickness. The glazing on the interior part is from the top vinyl bead. Glass types include clear Low-E, tinted Low-E, tempered glass, obscure glass, and spandrel glass. You can choose from two types of the metal pan for this window series.

Other Reynolds Window Specifications

  • The metal thickness of heads is at .050. It is the same with the jambs.
  • Metal thickness for sill is at .078.
  • The extruded screen frame has a thickness of .045.
  • Clear Low-E window type has a standard thickness of 1/8″ both inside and outside.
  • Tinted Low-E window type has thickness available at 1/8″, 1/4″, or 3/16″ both inside and outside.
  • Available sunscreen protection can be up to 90%.

    Reynolds Windows knows how to put a smile on its customers by adhering to strict manufacturing standards for all its window products. Customization is necessary to achieve unique designs that will match the discriminating tastes of each client. The talented team of engineers and architects looks after the desirable qualities so that:
  • the window units are at par with global standards
  • the results match the expectations of the customers
  • alterations can be done if needed before releasing the final version

You can be sure that you will get your way with Reynolds Windows from start to finish. If you look at the labor efforts, time consumed, and cost sheets (compared with other window companies), you will find that you will save more money here and even help protect the environment in the long run. That is the Reynolds Windows advantage you can have.