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Kohler Windows

  • Kohler Windows is a 30-year-old business with a cognomen synonymous to innovation and passion. Through the years, they have been providing the United States, Western Canada, and Atlantic Canada with functional windows that
    enhance the beauty of every home. Aside from being ISO certified, the company also commits itself to reducing its impact on the environment by using eco-friendly manufacturing methods. In fact, it received the prestigious Mobius
    Award in the Large Business of the Year category for its waste reduction and diversion efforts.


  • Kohler Casement Windows
  • Kohler Awning Windows
  • Kohler Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Kohler Single Hung Windows
  • Kohler Double Hung Windows
  • Kohler Single Glider Windows


  • Kohler Tilt and Turn Series
  • Kohler Supreme Series
  • Kohler Heritage Series
  • Kohler Estate Series
  • Kohler Select Series

Kohler Windows is highly compliant with the standards set by the Canadian Standards Association called CSA A440. The CSA standards advise the required materials that should be used in window manufacture, as well as specifications in hardness, durability, and thickness. Windows manufactured by Kohler passed the airtightness rating, a number that indicates a window’s ability to withstand leakage. Also, they were able to resist water pressure greater than
seventy-five miles per hour, and they received the highest possible grade of B7 in tests for resistance to wind-driven rain. They also received the highest ratingC5for the ability to withstand severe wind pressures, which means that they cannot be easily deformed or blown out during raging storms. In resistance to forced entry tests, Kohler windows got an F10 rating, so these windows reliably provide the initial needed security for homes. A grade higher than 40, the minimum required score by the CSA, was given to Kohler windows for condensation resistance. When it comes to screens, the windows received either Standard or Heavy Duty ratings from the CSA. Kohler Windows is also noted for its green initiatives. Aside from being Energy Star certified, the company offers several options for their windows in order to make homes energy efficient. There are various glass options: LoE Argon, Triple LoE Argon, Triple LoE, Triple Clear, LoE Argon Solar, Energlas, Energlas Plus, Solarglas, LoE, and Clear. The best thing about the company is its commitment to providing several window configurations for exterior trim, hardware, grill type, PVC color, glass type, grill pattern, and painting color exterior. Exterior trim options are plain frame, brick, mold, and nailing fin, while hardware can be oil rubbed bronze, tan, brushed nickel, and white. Grill type options can be colonial, Georgian, SDL scallop vinyl, slimline, and fashion glass. Moreover, customers can select craftsman, double prairie, rectangular, ladder, or prairie for the grille pattern. A shower of colors can be enjoyed by customers starting from featured hues like universal brown, cranberry, ivory, forest green, and old world blue. Additional color options are also available: white, black, bronze, sable, gray, cashmere, wicker, sandstone, clay, sandalwood, backwood, leaf green, Amazon green, wedgewood blue, ivy green, metallic copper, buff, tile red, and burgundy. Care and maintenance tips are given by the company to prevent seal damage, condensation, stain, and hardware problems. Warranties differ according to window type, window series, and window part, but it can be five, ten, or twenty, depending on the materials used.