Window Types

Double Hung, Casement, and 8 Other Window Types Perfect For Your Home

First impressions last, and you only have one chance to make them. Your home’s curb appeal is no different. By the time someone walks up to your front door, they’ve already formed an opinion on what your home’s interior must be like. 90% of real estate agents agree that a buyer’s first impression of the home’s front entry was enough to close the deal. This may be because more than 80% of them have experienced potential buyers who simply decline to view the interior of the house based on its curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior, and especially the type of windows, can really make you the envy of the neigborhood.

Average Window Costs by Type

Although several factors such as your regional pricing trends and the window brand you choose will impact the overall price, it’s still possible to get a rough idea of the average cost of window types based on national averages.

Window Type Average Price
Archedarched-window$315 - $525
Awningawning_window$415 - $765
BayBay Windows$1,185 - $3,600
Bowvinyl-bow-windows$1400 - $3,885
Casementcasement-window$285 - $800
Circlecircle-window$250 - $755
Double Hung champion-windows-double-hung-replacement$295 - $875$995 - $5,100
Gardengarden window$995 - $4,150
Glass Blockglass-block-window$385 - $1,250
Hopperhopper$$250 - $750
JalousieJalousie-Windows$185 - $385
PicturePicture-Window$350 - $850
Single Hungsingle-hung-window$165 - $360
Storm$180 - $380
Slidingsliding-windows$320 - $1,375
Transomtransom-style-window$200 - $575

Double-Hung Windows


Without a doubt, double-hung windows are the most versatile and the most popular on the market. The design was originally meant to improve heat insulation. Either the top or bottom panel of the window can slide – so they are able to offer more ventilation than conventional windows too.

However, as manufacturers have continued to find ways to improve the technology, modern double-hung replacement windows come with a host of added benefits. With the added insulation, they are some of the most energy-efficient on the market and able to drastically reduce heating and cooling costs. They also offer noise reduction qualities if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

Double-hung windows offer more long-term value than most other window types, putting this firmly on top of most replacement contractor’s lists.

Casement Windows

Andersen 100 Series Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most secure consumer window type on the market. Casement windows are stylish, secure, and energy-efficient. You will also be greeted with a large variety of designs, sizes, and materials.

They are extremely easy to operate and their versatility makes them one of the most popular windows ever created. Casement windows do a better job of limiting air intrusions and the security they provide really keeps them at the top of most replacement window projects.

Single Hung Windows


Even though single-hung windows are the epitome of tradition, many people do not know the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows. While they are in fact quite similar, once seen up close you will easily recognize the differences easily.

Singlehung windows are typically thought of as being more energy efficient because they have fewer moving parts. They have a fixed top sash which means that only the lower sash is able to open and move or slide vertically. This may offer less versatility but this design is much easier to manufacture – making them more reasonably priced. Since both sashes tilt it, this design still makes it simple to clean and maintain.

Awning Windows


Awning windows are hinged on top to open outward from the bottom. They are literally a type of casement window. Thanks to its top-hung sash, awning windows can be open while it’s raining and you can be assured they will let no water in.

Sunshine or not, they are really great at boosting ventilation, so it’s hardly any wonder this design remained a popular choice for so many years. They offer good value for money but they still carry a modern look, giving your home a touch of class.

Triple Hung Windows


Triple-hung windows are the most energy-efficient on the market. When carrying the necessary certifications these windows are, on average, 25% more efficient than double-hung windows.  They are available in every style so you can customize them to suit your personal preference, home design, and local climate.

Overall,  triple-hung windows offer higher value than single and double-hung for obvious reasons. The overall higher performance is the most attractive aspect, and for many consumers, the main reason for replacing their older windows is to save on yearly heating and cooling costs as well as the massive curb appeal they offer.

Bay & Bow Windows


Bay and bow windows are used to describe windows constructed outwards from the wall, similar to a protruding balcony. This type of window forms a bay inside the house, commonly installed with window seats in front of breathtaking scenery. It really opens up space and also offers additional storage space too.

The basic difference between bay windows & bow windows is how many sections each style of window has, with a bow using curved architecture and more glass panels. Designs range from extravagant antique and Victorian architecture to sleek modern lines.

Sliding Windows


Sliding or slider windows are a type of window that has two or more slightly overlapping sashes that horizontally slide within the frame. One of the sashes is fixed while the rest can glide to the left or right sides of the frame through detachable rollers.

The main reason this type of window is used is to either frame a particular view or to brighten up a room. They are durable, low maintenance, and really easy to use.

Picture Windows

Pella Picture Windows


Picture windows are large windows consist of one single pane of glass that provides unobstructed, clear views of the outside. The view becomes framed by the window, much like a picture gets framed. These huge windows allow you to take in a great deal of natural light.

Retrofit Windows


If you have old, drafty windows with cracked glass, air infiltration around the edges, dated sashes, and condensation all the time, new retrofit windows can provide you with all the insulation you’ll ever need. The process is known as retrofitting because of a new window being installed and fitted into an older frame.

Retrofit windows are mostly recommended to customers who want to preserve the existing look of their home, while full-frame installations are often the more thorough and complete replacement option.

Energy Star Windows


Although not a type of window, the Energy Star Certification is your assurance that the type of window you are installing has been tested under the most rigorous conditions to ensure they meet the highest standards of energy efficiency.

The Energy Star label was originally created to lower greenhouse gas emissions and other inefficient energy sources in order to make identifying and purchasing energy-efficient products easier for consumers. Without the Energy Star logo, you cannot be assured of its energy-efficient qualities. Energy Star products offer efficient alternatives while saving you money without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

Windows that carry the Energy Star certification are backed by the government and come with a series of benefits as well as incentives and rebates as well as insurance discounts, depending on where you live.

Improve Your Interior Space With Interior Windows


If you have a small house or a small room, space is everything.  You can really make the most of your limited space with a few interior windows. Interior windows will increase the visual size of your room while magnifying and reflect light all while giving your room a brand new look.

By adding windows to your home, you can achieve the illusion of space without having to extend any rooms. Adding a window to a solid wall in a hallway, for example, can make space feel less claustrophobic. Depending on your chosen windows, your home could also be more energy-efficient.

Window Brands

Deciding on the type on the type of window is often the easiest choice to make when it comes to replacing your windows. The hardest part is often deciding on your supplier. Here are some of the best window brands to consider. Choosing windows from these industry leaders will give you peace of mind with the assurance you are getting the highest quality product and best value for money.

Average Window Cost by Brand

Without gathering some of your personal details such as the number of windows you require as well as your regional location, it would be almost impossible to get an exact price on your window replacement project. However, here is a rough estimate of the cost of windows from some of the most reputable brands around:

Top Window ManufacturersPrice RangePrice Per Window Installed
Pella Window Costspella$425 - $1,400$500 - $1,800
Andersen Window Costs$1,480- $2,100$1,980 - $3,000
CertainTeed Window CostscertainTeed-windows$265 - $565$295 - $1,000
Simonton Window Costssimonton-logo$180 - $375$265 - $425
milgard-logoMilgard Window Costs$225 - $575$680- $1,250
Alside-logoAlside Windows$268 - $545$525 - $885
harvey-windowsHarvey Windows$235 - $450$350-$
JELD-WEN-LogoJeld Wen Windows$350 - $2,175$650 - $2,650
Champion Windowschampion$200 - $1,250$300 - $1,850

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