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NewSouth Windows

With a leadership team that has more than 60 years of combined experience, NewSouth Window is one of Central Florida’s leading window providers with locations in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, West Palm, and Ft. Lauderdale. If you want to increase your home’s value or curb appeal, there’s absolutely no doubt that this is one of the top companies to consider.

NewSouth Windows Review

This company offers you everything you need and more with their eVantage and iVantage windows – which offer superior quality products with amazing advantages for your home.

You can enjoy noise reduction and easy operation. Or how about protecting your home’s interior and belongings from UV damage. NewSouth windows can also improve your home security and extend the life of your AC and heating units. There’s no doubt that this top-rated window company can help you to save on your energy bills.

NewSouth Window Products

Vinyl windows remain popular with benefits over wood and aluminum windows.

They are more durable than wood and a lot more energy efficient than aluminum.

NewSouth Vinyl windows are designed and manufactured in the NewSouth Window factory, built to withstand and endure the southern climate.

They offer various types of windows, from casement, sliding, bow, garden, picture windows, to sliding and bay windows as well as impact windows – all backed with a lifetime warranty.

And don’t forget about the eVantage and iVantage windows from NewSouth – which also deliver superior performance for your home.

The NewSouth eVantage

The “e” in eVantage window stands for:

  • energy
  • efficient
  • economical
  • ecological
  • ease of use

NewSouth eVantage windows are one of the most environmentally friendly windows on the U.S. market today, and they surpass industry standards in energy efficiency and structural performance rating.

The eVantage range is manufactured using revolutionary Sashlite technology and double pane Cardinal LoE3 366 glass with argon gas.

Each window goes through a vacuum-sealed sash test and boasts award-winning “green” components.

Other features include:

  • Superior warm-edge performance
  • Foam enhanced sash and frame
  • 12-point fusion-welded virgin vinyl
  • Dual weather stripping

The NewSouth iVantage Window

NewSouth windows make use of knowledge and design capabilities that certain other window manufacturers don’t.

In the iVantage window, the “i” stands for Impact resistance.  These impact windows provide high performance, durability, and energy efficiency. It also comes in European styling and corrosion-resistant hardware.  Other features include:

  •  12 point fusion-welded virgin vinyl
  • Double pane Cardinal 366 LoE3 glass with argon gas
  • Heavy gauge multi-chambered frame
  • Unique stepped and beveled frame for strength and rigidity
  • Structurally reinforced and foam enhanced sash and mainframe
  • High impact laminated glass with argon gas
  • Dual weather stripping

NewSouth Window Installation

NewSouth does its own installations to ensure correct installation. With professional installation, you assured that your windows will not only function optimally, but their lifespan will increase due to the correct installation.

Factory-trained installers follow a strict protocol to ensure that they not only uphold NewSouth’s brand name as an industry leader but also comply with all local and state building codes and regulations without any problems.

If you live in Central Florida, impact-resistant windows are a really smart investment.

With impact windows from NewSouth Windows, your home will be able to survive the harshest conditions mother nature can come up with, including heavy rains, high-velocity winds, and debris.

By manufacturing the product themselves, NewSouth takes accountability, which is why they stand by their product and warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Ready to adopt a greener lifestyle and save? Due to rising home energy prices, consumers are always interested in ways to save…and energy-efficient windows from NewSouth is the answer for many.

With some high-quality energy-efficient windows you can do more than just regulate the temperature better inside your home. You can directly impact your heating and cooling costs and extend the lifespan of your AC units too.

NewSouth Color & Styles

NewSouth Windows Core Color choices are readily available in white, tan, clay, and brown, but also offer 14 exclusive custom rainbow colors upon request.

Their window grid options are available in Colonial or Standard, Prairie or Open Prairie and custom grid patterns.

Whatever your window requirement, NewSouth Window Solutions has it for you.

The NewSouth Mission

NewSouth aims to please, and each customer is highly valued…but even more than that…they really want to make a difference. They pride themselves on the fact that all their products are manufactured in their own facility.  All windows are made and sold under the same roof – cutting out the middle man and offering a product with no mark-ups.

Visit NewSouth windows for all your replacement window needs.