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Vinyl Windows

Replacement Vinyl Windows - Tax Credits

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Instead of using pricey materials such as wood and metal to frame a replacement window, people tend to be more practical and go for cheaper yet similarly sturdy vinyl.

Vinyl are polymers (think of hard plastics but more flexible) and are practically easy to clean.

vinyl windowThey can be readily customized with different colors, styles and texture (you can request of a wood grain finish to achieve that natural elegance of wood). Also, this means you would not require the periodical re-painting.

Vinyl, short for polyvinylchloride or PVC, is virtually resistant to corrosion and rotting, and now, even warping.

Strengthened vinyl windows are durable enough to stand against extreme weather conditions without the worry of breakage as in wood and metal. Because vinyl is non-metal, it does not conduct heat and may act as an insulator and ultimately, improved temperature control around the house.

It can be easily designed to perform as a sound blocking/reduction system, ideal for homes near noisy places such as airports markets and relatively, urban areas. Vinyl windows are also easier to install compared to bulkier materials, however, measuring the windows at an exact size may be trouble for you so might as well hire an experienced contractor or call for service from your dealer.

Several brands carry vinyl windows made for new construction and replacement:

  • Milgard
  • Jeld-wen
  • Pella
  • Simonton
  • CertainTeed

Vinyl windows can be designed to blend in with the other parts of your home. It can be colored depending on your preferences. Here are some window styles that can be made using vinyl:

  • Awning/Casement
  • Bow and Bay/ Garden
  • Double Hung/ Single Hung/ Sliding
  • Picture/ Architectural Shapes
  • Roof/ Skylight
  • Storm Windows

Vinyl Windows Replacement

Here are some tips to help you know when to replace your windows.

  • Windows that are badly beaten by weather that they no longer operate smoothly.
  • Windows excessively exposed to condensation, frost and the likes need to be replaced because their insulation system is no longer as efficient as before.
  • Cracks on your windows, even small ones, may greatly affect the performance of the window. Those are clear signs that you need to change it.
  • The insulated glass is supposed to be warm because it functions as heat-absorber, if it feels cool to touch, replace it. It is no longer energy efficient.

When looking for quality vinyl windows, make sure you look for certifications; these will prove that what you are about to buy are authentic and high quality. Yellowing of vinyl occurs if the material has been constantly exposed to UV radiation, meaning, it is not newly manufactured. Look for materials that are coated with UV-protection such as titanium dioxide or tint. High quality vinyl windows can withstand heat of up to 160∞ or higher. Low quality vinyls, at this temperature, will warp and soften. High quality vinyl windows can stand through the hottest regions around the country. They are even used as Impact windows.