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Cost Of Simonton Replacement Windows

Simonton Windows originally started way back in 1946 in the town of Pennsboro in West Virginia. It was owned by a family whose business stemmed from the public’s growing need for aluminum merchandise, such as awning items and marquees.

The demand for this raw material eventually persuaded the family to venture into the window-making industry, with storm fixtures as its first and main product range, followed by Energy Capp and Thermo Boss lines.

When the 1980s arrived, the family shifted their chief, raw window material from aluminum to vinyl. This is because of the latter’s better quality when it comes to creating windows and doors. In terms of the business’ services to its clients, early delivery and a good seller-customer relationship are encouraged and cultured. These factors allowed the small industry to flourish into a huge, full-time enterprise.

Nowadays, Simonton Windows continues to be a beloved, household brand. Its premium-grade materials and excellent customer relations guarantee its steady rise to the top. The company currently offers several vinyl windows and doors, all of which are certified by the Energy Star program.

Simonton Windows Styles

Simonton Windows offers its customers a range of windows that will fit various tastes and preferences, namely:

What makes the Simonton Windows a convenient fixture to have around the home is the durability that it offers. Clients are guaranteed that their windows and doors will last for generations. The company introduced a StormBreaker Plus feature, which can withstand great forces of wind, as well as the impact of flying objects and debris. Instead of the usual wood, steel is utilized to create the shutters and window grids. The construction, along with the materials, makes the brand virtually indestructible against forces of nature like hurricanes, storms, etc. It also passed the requirements for developing tall buildings.

The company seeks to provide its customers with a comfortable home. Aside from the window’s ability to keep the strong winds and sharp objects away, it also makes sure that the interior of the house enjoys a relatively cool and calm atmosphere. Vinyl is a good insulator of heat and thus, it effectively traps the cold air inside, even if it feels like a desert outside. It seems that the Simonton family made the right decision to shift from aluminum to vinyl because the former will conduct the temperature from the outside in.

These fixtures are also quite beautiful to look at. Customers are given the freedom to choose from the glass material to the color. They are given the Customize option, which will make sure that no two windows are exactly alike. They can pick from an assortment of styles and shapes, and even the way the windows and doors will be constructed.

Simonton Windows provides its customers with a warranty that depends on the complaint of the user. The guarantee covers any failure to meet its quality standards, as well as replacement issues. Nevertheless, those that are not included in the warranty are those that are not controlled by the company, such as wear-and-tear, condensation, color changes, improper installation, etc.

Simonton windows have long been known for providing homeowners with quality vinyl replacement windows which carry a decent warranty.

Simonton’s window prices offer a wide range of styles and features that can suit any homeowner’s budget, including the Prism window series for more entry level budget-focused projects and the Reflections series for those aesthetically driven projects.

How much are Simonton Windows?

The below mentioned costs are based on national averages. Always compare estimates from professionals in your area for a more accurate idea of how much your windows will cost.

Simonton VantagePointe Vinyl

Finding a reputable vinyl replacement window company is just as important as finding the right window, Simonton windows really deliver with the VantagePointe series.

Simonton Windows Cost Comparison - VantagePointe

Simonton Windows Cost - VantagePointe Series
Window Type Price Per Window Per Window Installed
Double Hung $330 - $385 $435 - $515
Casement $215 - $255 $310 - $380
Awning $230 - $360 $315 - $460
Sliding $230 - $300 $315 - $400
Picture $230 - $295 $340 - $415
Bay & Bow $975 - $1,175 $975 - $1,175
Custom Geometric $260 - $365 $345 - $475

Simonton Impressions Series

The Impressions series caters to those who desire a classic wood-grain look without maintenance. Available with a wide range of options, this series offers maximum efficiency and beauty. Features include:

  • Sophisticated design that mimics the look of traditional wood.
  • Exceptional thermal performance.
  • Tempered Glass options for improved sound dampening and security.

Simonton Windows Cost Comparison - Impressions

Simonton Windows Cost - Impressions Series
Window Type Price Per Window Per Window Installed
Double Hung $375 - $475 $510 - $670
Casement $180 - $230 $295 - $335
Awning $200 - $275 $295 - $380
Sliding $275 - $360 $340 - $465
Picture $330 - $415 $435 - $625
Bay & Bow $815 - $920 $1,120 - $1,325
Garden $230 - $380 $330 - $515
Custom Geometric $230 - $315 $330 - $475

Simonton Reflections Series Prices

The classic design of the Reflections series will complement the architecture and aestheticism of any home and is available in 3 model choices:

  • 5500 – Features a beveled frame, high energy performance, and customizable exterior color, interior wood-grain, and hardware finishes.
  • 5300 – Features mid-range energy efficiency with a classic design, available in white and tan.
  • 5050 – Features a raised exterior and more traditional frame. Available in white and tan including color matching grid options.

Simonton Windows Cost Comparison - Reflections

Simonton Windows Cost - Reflections Series
Window Type Price Per Window Per Window Installed
Double Hung $290 - $410 $365 - $500
Casement $245 - $325 $330 - $440
Awning $175 - $220 $265 - $375
Sliding $190 - $245 $270 - $365
Picture $215 - $270 $330 - $370
Bay & Bow $890 - $1,020 $740 - $840
Garden $210 - $360 $330 - $465

Simonton Prism Series Prices

This line of windows from Simonton enhances the beauty of your home and has four models to choose from:

  • Platinum – High energy performance and custom style and glass options for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Ultra Gold – Offers a classic look with an arched exterior in multiple styles. Available in white and tan color options.
  • Gold – Features a narrow, stepped frame, allowing more natural light into your home. Optional glass packages can increase energy efficiency even more.
  • Bronze – Offers a variety of grid styles and patterns. Featuring a fusion-welded frame and sash, an attractive raised exterior, and superior energy-efficient options.

Simonton Windows Cost Comparison - Prism Series

Simonton Windows Cost - Prism Series
Window Type Price Per Window Per Window Installed
Double Hung $290 - $355 $375 - $480
Casement $230 - $350 $300 - $420
Awning $180 - $215 $270 - $320
Sliding $230 - $350 $330 - $400
Picture $230 - $340 $330 - $520
Bay & Bow $740 - $845 $915 - $1,120
Garden $280 - $340 $460 - $520
Custom Geometric $255 - $395 $330 - $500

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Series

For homeowners in coastal areas, this line offers the highest level of impact protection which can stand up to just about anything. Features include:

  • Impact-resistant glass to protect from flying debris
  • Sound dampening by up to 50% over standard glass
  • Filters up to 99% of UV rays
  • Reinforced profiles for strength and durability

Simonton Windows Cost Comparison - Plus Series

Simonton Windows Cost - Plus Series
Window Type Price Per Window Per Window Installed
Double Hung $370 - $420 $510 - $575
Casement $270 - $365 $345 - $475
Awning $275 - $345 $365 - $475
Sliding $330 - $395 $435 - $520
Picture $265 - $400 $375 - $561
Custom Geometric $295 - $375 $410 - $500