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Menards Windows

Menards Windows

Menards WindowsMost of the famous names started from humble beginnings. Without an immediate expertise on a certain field or on an industry, people strive hard to attain what they think is their goal in life. And in the summer of 1958, another name is destined to become known in the world of home improvement. John Menard Jr. was trying to earn to pay for his studies. He worked in construction and about a year later, his name has been known around the area of Eau Claire where he constructed numerous buildings. Because of his hard work, it did not take him long to realize that the demand for his works was increasing. After graduating, he then focused on creating his own business, the Menards(R). The company he built expanded: from constructing pole buildings to distribution of lumber materials to the public as well as other building packages such as nails, concrete and steel. In 1994, the company reached the residential homes selling improvement materials for replacement and new constructions. This simple yet hardworking start of Menards(R) allowed the company to become one of the most recognized home depots.

Menards Windows are categorized as follows:

  • Vinyl Windows – These windows are subcategorized into two: custom and standard. Custom windows are measured exactly the way you prefer them to be while Standard windows include hung windows with Low-e argon glass (in different sizes) with vinyl interior and exterior for a sleek finish. These windows are made available by CertainTeed. Crestline is another brand distributed by Menards Windows. They offer vinyl slider and single hung windows with insulated or Low-e argon glass. They also distribute windows made by Jeld-wen, Northview and Wellcraft Windows.
  • Wood Windows – pine for the interior reflects natural beauty while fiberglass for the exterior reflects durability. These Menards Windows are about eight times sturdier than vinyl, proven by stability in varied temperatures and a lifetime warranty. Wood windows are from Crestline and Jeld-wen.
  • Shaped Windows – varied shapes such as octagon, circle, diamond and oval combined with single pane or insulated glass. These windows are usually fixed.
  • Roof Windows and Skylights – can bring the amount of light your home needs directly from above. These windows are available with tempered or laminated glass for added durability (you can opt for a low-e argon glass for energy saving purposes). Some are fixed while some can be added with a lever to open the window. You can even add insect screens or blinds.
  • Basement and Utility Windows – Basement, egress and jalousie windows distributed by Menards windows are from International Product Supply.
  • Storm Windows – will keep your home from devastating storm winds and rain. Climaterite distributes (through Menards Windows) this type of window with an aluminum finish.

These windows can be added with features such as exterior shutters, glass blocks and panels, and window wells. Exterior shutters are louvered and made from DuraPrene or DuraStyrene. These accessories come in different colors with the look of natural wood and are sold with a limited lifetime warranty. Contact Menards Windows at 1-800-871-2800 and have your questions entertained by professionals. Reach them by snail mail through this address: Menards Guest Services, 5101 Menard Drive, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.