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Farley Windows

The Farley Windows and Doors takes its mission to offer the most energy efficient products on the market seriously. Its line of aesthetically designed and functionally durable windows help consumers save on energy costs year in and year out. With more than half a century behind the name, it prides itself on a dedicated professional team that continually looks for new technologies to make further improvements on its already excellent and environmentally friendly windows and doors. The company was established in 1952, and has been in the home improvement and home building business since then. It now has more than $50 million in annual revenues with more than 300 employees under
the leadership of its president, Dominique Van Vooris. The Canadian company also exports its windows, and doors to several states in the US like New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Ohio, to mention some.


Manufactured in compliance to the standards set by CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Farley markets a range of windows to replace and upgrade existing windows as well as to supply the windows in a
home construction specification. Either way, the company takes the same care and dedication in manufacturing both. It carries the following:

  • Casement and Awning Windows
  • Fixed casement
  • Double and Single Hung
  • Lift Out and Tilt Slider
  • Architectural Shapes
  • Bays and Bows


Farley Windows puts significant effort in manufacturing environment friendly products which include energy saving windows without sacrificing aesthetics and indoor comforts. That means it only uses state-of-the-art materials that exhibit superior thermal efficiency and non-fading colors that can withstand the elements for decades. Recognizing that 70% to 75% of your window is made of glass, Farley Windows uses leading edge glass options that provide excellent thermal insulating properties. Its Sol-R glass has three low-emissivity (Low E) layers each one providing optimum heat gain and insulating efficiency ideal for homes located in low temperature areas. The Sol-R Gain 180 (standard) has Energy Star rating for successfully blocking 71% of harmful ultraviolet rays. The Sol-R Shield 272 blocks 84% while the top-of-the-line Sol-R Shield Plus 366 with its three layers of silver coating blocks 94%. In addition, when you get a Farley window, you also get the following:

Two-tone external color while leaving the interior color in neutral white.
A rich historical or contemporary look and feel using its grill products such as Colonial and Prairie style, brass bar, Georgian, Pewter bar and fiat.
A range of exterior options and functionalities to make your windows a distinct prominent home feature with various window frame moldings such as Primed Pine, Vinyl Clad Pine, natural oak and natural pine. With applied mullions your casement, awning and fixed casement windows get high energy efficiency at all times while imparting the classic look of a double hung With a high rating at the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident that what you are getting from Farley is well worth the money. Farley Windows takes great pride in their designs and workmanship and you can be confident in your purchase with its lifetime warranty that covers all window parts like glass (excluding breakage), frames, sealing, sash and hardware. Warranty is also transferrable at no added cost.