Cost of CertainTeed Replacement Windows

CertainTeed was founded in 1904, named after their slogan “Quality made certain. Satisfaction guaranteed”. Only during the 1980s, CertainTeed started manufacturing vinyl windows and patio doors. The company is respected amongst the most prestigious reviewer such as JD Power and Associates for their highest quality and top rated products.

CertainTeed and MI Windows partnered up in 2008, which now makes up the CertainTeed brand known throughout the US and eastern parts of Canada.

CertainTeed Products

CertainTeed not only makes vinyl windows, but also delves into high-end quality roofing shingles, vinyl siding, railing, fiber-cement siding, and composite decking just to name some.

Within the CertainTeed brand, there are four series of windows. When vinyl replacement windows are what you need, there is the BrynMawr III and Devon II series. New construction project has the option of NewCastle III and NewBridge II series for all vinyl windows need.

CertainTeed windows come in many different standard sizes as well as having the option of ordering custom window sizes.

Below is the average standard pricing tables excluding removal of the old window and any additional costs that might be incurred with installations.  Take note that pricing may vary at different retailers and contractors.

Brynmawr III Series

This series consists of 6 unique styles as well as patio doors to choose from.

BrynMarw III Unit Price (Supply Only)Unit Price (Incl. installation)
BrynMawr III Casement $422$542
BrynMawr III Bay$1451$1881
BrynMawr III Bow$1874$2439
BrynMawr III Awning$412$534
BrynMawr III Picture$281$365
BrynMawr III Double Hung$306$406

Devon II Series

This series is primarily double hung windows and includes basement windows and sliders as options.

Devon IIUnit Price (Supply Only)Unit Price (Incl. installation)
Devon II Double Hung$257$324
Devon II Slider$383$492
Devon II Basement$180$241

NewCastle III Series

When doing new construction projects this series has 5 unique styles to choose from including patio doors.

NewCastle IIIUnit Price (Supply Only)Unit Price (Incl. installation)
NewCastle III Double Hung$308$478
NewCastle III Casement$265$367
NewCastle III Picture$167$240
NewCastle III Awning$275$345

NewBridge II Series

This series consists of single hung windows, picture windows and fixed shape windows in its selection

NewBridge IIUnit Price (Supply OnlyUnit Price (Incl. installation)
NewBridge II Single Hung$320$453

Additional Information To Consider

When it comes to CertainTeed products, each has its unique features. BrynMawr III and NewCastle III have a big variety of style, finishes, and extras, giving these a premium look as well as being high-quality product. Devon II has the double hung option and the NewBridge II the single hung option is there for a more cost-efficient alternative.

CertainTeed BrynMawr III Windows

Selection for this range is as follows:

  • Architectural shaped 
  • Awning
  • Bay & Bow
  • Casement
  • Double hung
  • Picture
  • Slider
  • Transom

Available in all sizes including custom order sizes. When it comes to glazing, multiple thermal methods are considered depending on your area and -climate. Low E coatings, Argon gas filled and Thermaflect are some of the options used depending on double-pane or triple-pane glass. Energy Star glazing is also an option to choose from.

BrynMawr III packages come with a lifetime warranty which includes breakage cover.

CertainTeed Devon II Windows

Selection for this range is as follows:

  • Basement
  • Double hung
  • Slider

This selection comes in Low E coatings and Argon gas filled double pane thermal insulated glazing. They are also covered with a lifetime warranty on the frames and glass separately.

CertainTeed Newcastle III New Construction Windows

Selection for this range is as follows:

  • Architectural shaped
  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Double hung
  • Picture
  • Slider
  • Transom

Similar to the BrynMawr III, these include the same type of Energy Star glazing for double pane and triple pane. Including the Thermaflect option.

CertainTeed NewBridge II New Construction Windows

The NewBridge II series only has the single hung windows with the same Low E and Argon gas filled packages according to Energy Star guidelines. This does not include the triple pane option. As with the others, a lifetime warranty is included with the range as well.

Professional Installations

To get the best out of your windows, it is imperative to have a quality installation done to reap all the performance and energy efficiency benefits. Furthermore, if the windows are not installed as they should, your warranty may be voided.

Always firstly consider contacting a professional for such installation and modifications to your home as this will guarantee longevity on the product and in the long run save you more money.