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Universal Window Direct Review

Since its inception in 2002, Universal Window Direct has strived to become the best in the business. They not only provide the highest quality windows, but their customer service and level of support are unsurpassed. Co-founders William Barr and Michael Strmac live by the philosophy of CANEI – “Constant and Never Ending Improvement”. It’s no wonder that this one-time hardware store has become one of the leading window suppliers nationwide. 

At Universal Windows Direct, you design your own windows and everything is professionally installed. During a direct consultation, you pick the look you want and they will match the aesthetics and decor of your home. With a wide range of styles, colors, and frames to choose from, along with top quality workmanship and quality, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Universal Windows Direct Options Replacement vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct are some of the best and most reliable windows on the market today. They do not fade, rot, chip or peel because only 100% virgin vinyl is used. When you choose to go with this company, you know that your windows last a lifetime.

Your choice of windows includes:


The double-hung is the most popular series from Universal Windows Direct. This range brings energy efficiency with amazing thermal performance to your home. Once you replace your old windows with new double-hung, your home will feel better-regulated temperatures all-year-round. This will have a direct impact on your energy bill by lowering your heating and cooling costs. Double-hung windows from  Universal Windows Direct feature:

  • smooth operation
  • partial opening
  • weather-proof seal tilt latches for better performance

Sliding Windows

If you like a view, sliding windows may be perfect for you. They allow for a view of the outdoors while remaining stylish and easy to use. The sliding windows from Universal Windows Direct are custom-made and come in a wide range of styles and colors, giving you many options to suit your unique and specific needs. It features:

  • smooth and silent operation
  • partial opening
  • weather-proof seal
  • extruded slide rail so it never pops out when opened

Crank-Out Window

Crank-out windows come in casement, awning, and hopper styles. This range from Universal Windows Direct will dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal with its style and strength. They provide excellent thermal efficiency by blocking air and moisture all-year-round, allowing you to maintain the optimum temperature indoors. You can expect:

  • effortless operation
  • maximum ventilation
  • triple seal system
  • easy cleaning from the inside

Bay and Bow Window 

Bay and bow windows are really impressive and able to expand your living areas like no other window can. This is the natural choice living rooms, kitchens, or dining rooms where more sunlight is desired. Installing these may be a bigger job than replacing normal windows, but they are worth the extra time and effort. Bay and bow windows from Universal Windows Direct come with a prefabricated roof system to match your home’s existing roof system. Garden Window Features Garden windows bring in the sunshine and brighten up your whole living area. They do not just look pretty. They are built to last. If you are looking for a way to transform a space like your kitchen without emptying your wallet, a garden window is a great option. This design provides an open, inviting atmosphere into your home. This design is also very attractive for those with a green thumb. You can literally turn your space into a living greenhouse. Turn your kitchen window into a mini greenhouse with a garden window from Universal Windows Direct. Our garden windows are specifically designed for the homeowner with a green thumb. This three-dimensional vinyl window brings the sunshine in and makes a beautiful setting for herb gardens and plants. Garden windows from Universal Windows come with a fully welded vinyl frame and reinforced with steel and aluminum. With this design, you can be assured you have a lifetime of enjoyment with the strong design and easy operation. Conclusion Universal Windows Direct offers a True Lifetime Warranty alongside its top craftsmanship and correct, professional installations. They stand behind their product, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.  You know that your home and your investment is protected.