Cost Of Milgard Replacement Windows

Milgard Sliding Windows Installed In Beach HomeMilgard WindowsFor years, Milgard has been known as the go-to manufacturer for windows in new construction. Adapting to the ever-changing economy and consumer needs, Milgard has expanded their product line to include high-quality windows designed for replacement and remodeling projects.

Milgard’s prices have always surpassed expectation! On offer is a wide variety of high-quality vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum windows for replacement and remodeling to transform the existing look of you home. Here are some of the more popular window products and their associated cost tables offered by Milgard Replacement Windows

Milgard Essence Wood Series

The Essence Wood line offers the best of both worlds.  It has a solid wood interior combined with a highly durable fiberglass exterior that can withstand some of the harshest elements for decades to come. This series makes a great choice for those who value durability and extraordinary performance.

Milgard Essence Wood Series

Milgard Essence Wood Series

Essence Wood – Milgard Windows Prices

Window PricePer WindowPer Window Installed
Double Hung$250 - $400$410 - $561
Sliding$200 - $290$330 - $435
Casement$270 - $360$430 - $535
Awning$190 - $275$310 - $460
Fixed Frame$170 - $245$285 - $350

Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Series

This is the most popular choice among consumers. This series features better energy efficiency in comparison to the Style Line Series. The Tuscany Series offers a thicker framed window which can work with just about any style home. While this line isn’t really considered a high-end product, it has proven to be a real competitor to other products with its impressive durability and performance.

Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Series

Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Series

Tuscany Vinyl – Milgard Windows Prices

Tuscanny Vinyl SeriesPer WindowPer Window Installed
Double Hung$280 - $435$405 - $580
Single Hung$230 - $280$360 - $400
Awning$240 - $295$400 - $465
Casement$300 - $390$335 - $550
Sliding$240 - $330$350 - $525
Bow$965 - $1,325$1,530 - $1,835
Bay$1225 - $1685$1,735 - $2,345
Fixed Frame$190 - $265$305 - $410

Milgard Montecito Vinyl Series

This series is specifically designed for new construction. The Montecito range offers homeowners a high performance, low maintenance window. Now you have the flexibility to accentuate your current style or create a new look altogether with these custom designed windows.

Montecito Vynil – Milgard Windows Prices

Montecito Vinyl SeriesPer WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$255 - $330$460 - $535
Double Hung$360 - $410$510 - $615
Awning$255 - $330$485 - $510
Casement$325 - $400$485 - $560
Fixed Frame$200 - $265$325 - $425
Picture$240 - $330$375 - $540
Sliding$260 - $355$375 - $540
Bow$1,325 - $1,785$1,635 - $2,650
Bay$1,425 - $1,885$1,905 - $2,650
Milgard Monetcito Vinyl Windows

Milgard Monetcito Vinyl Windows

Milgard Style Line Vinyl Series

The Style Line offers a modern look with its thinner frame an elevated locking mechanism.  It is a great choice for smaller window openings because they are slightly less energy efficient due to the extra glass.

Style Line – Milgard Windows Prices

Style Line Vinyl SeriesPer WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$265 - $335$460 - $550
Sliding$260 - $355$385 - $545
Fixed Frame$200 - $275$330 - $445
Awning$260 - $335$410 - $515
Casement$330 - $400$410 - $515
Single Hung Tilting$370 - $410$530 - $615

Milgard Ultra Fiberglass Series

This is a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to similar (or more expensive) windows like the Marvin and Infinity product lines. Offering a generous warranty, this is an excellent replacement window that is compatible with existing wood interiors. Homeowners also love the attractive and polished finish these windows give to the overall appearance and curb appeal of your home.

Milgard Ultra Series Windows

Milgard Ultra Series Windows

Ultra Fiberglass – Milgard Windows Prices

Window TypePer WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$265 - $335$460 - $535
Double Hung$360 - $410$510 - $615
Awning$265 - $335$410 - $510
Sliding$260 - $350$375 - $540
Fixed Frame$200 - $265$325 - $430
Picture$240 - $335$325 - $540
Bay$1,425 - $1,890$1,935 - $2,650
Bow$1,325 - $1,785$1,635 - $1,935

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Prices of window products at Milgard Windows differ according to type, color, size, and features. Thus, it is necessary to compare prices of various Milgard window types and to put products side by side in order to see the pros and cons. When it comes to warranty, Milgard offers different warranties depending on the model, as most of them give their products a certain length of warranty years based on materials and confidence.  Therefore, the price of the end product you will get is dependent on your careful selection and inspection.