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Bonneville Windows

Established in 1946 by Mr. Henri Bonneville, Bonneville Windows has a proven sixty long years of manufacturing fine-quality wooden windows to Canadians and international customers. Since 1967 when the family business was acquired by Mr. Bonneville’s four sons, the company has gone through several acquisitions, reorganizations, and integrations with other companies. The business entered the US market in 1994, and in its 60th anniversary, Bonneville Windows developed a new lock casement technology for its windows, a new Alumhybrid casement, and a new website.

Bonneville Window Rang

Bonneville Windows has a rich and interesting range of windows to offer:

  • Bonneville Casement Windows
  • Bonneville Awning Windows
  • Bonneville Hung Windows (Bronze, Gold, Platinum Series)
  • Bonneville Architectural Windows
  • Bonneville Slider Windows
  • Bonneville Bay and Bow Windows
  • Bonneville Storm Buster Windows

In order to maintain the quality and distinctiveness of its products, Bonneville Windows only uses two types of wood for its windows: white pine and red cedar. The company has its own plantation of cedar in the Pacific Northwest, which runs along the Alaskan coast. This kind of wood is very aromatic, resistant to decay, and offers different colors like reddish, pinkish, soft brown, and ivory to customers wanting unique and elegant windows.

Growing from northern Georgia to northern Maine and west to the Great Lakes, Bonneville Windows’s eastern white pine provides a classic touch that customers admire. This type of wood is very stable and does not easily shrink, and it has a uniform feel and straight grains. Most windows manufactured by the company are made from this wood, simply for the attractiveness, it gives, due to its light brown color with a reddish glow.

Like other dedicated window providers, Bonneville Windows ensures that its clients enjoy the selections its offers. Starting with the window handles, customers can choose from copper tone, bright brass, antique brass, white, brushed chrome, and oiled brushed bronze. Aluminum cladding colors are diverse, ranging from burgundy, brown, maize, black, and white, to pebble, green, nutmeg, sage, and sandalwood. Customers can also configure the exterior and interior casings, grilles, sills, glass colors, and screens.

Coupled with reliability and uniqueness, Bonneville Windows ensures that its window products are compliant to safety standards. All its windows are certified by the AAMA and NWWDA and received certification from the NFRC for thermal performance. Aside from being energy-efficient due to thermoplastic materials, its windows also have argon gas that reduces heat loss. The quality of its products is also recognized by the Canadian Center for Construction Materials.

To help customers care for their wood windows, Bonneville says that a mixture of a liter of lukewarm water and three tablespoons of vinegar is perfect for making the glass on windows shiny. Also, use a sliding or net curtain to cover bay windows, and make sure that the rail is adapted to the shape of the window. To polish the wood, just combine one part of lemon juice with two parts of olive or vegetable oil.

The company gives different warranty periods to its product parts. It gives 20 years for aluminum extrusions and cladding and double-sealed insulated glass, ten for painted profiles, five on wood and wood components, two for parts and labor, and unlimited on its registered Truth hardware.