Armstrong Windows

Armstrong Windows Installed In round RoomArmstrong WindowsArmstrong Windows, established in 1966 in California, has been one of the leading companies dealing with improvement and preservation of homes and commercial buildings along the Bay Area. Their success is achieved through superior technology and excellent work ethics, having the satisfaction of customers in mind. With more than four decades of unwavering desire to keep customers happy, Armstrong Windows offers products with extensive warranties to prove their exceptional quality. Some of the window types offered by Armstrong are:

    • Oriel Windows
    • Slider Windows with Grids
    • Windows with Brass Pencil Grids
    • Awning Windows
    • Single Hung Windows with Upper Grids
    • Patio Door with Grids
    • Bay Window with Casements
    • Casement windows with grids
    • Single Hung Windows and Garden Windows

Armstrong Windows not only offers basic window styles. Using new technology, combined with recommendations from faithful customers, they now feature the Armstrong Select Window and Patio Door System, which integrates the best features from other products, from easy cleaning to multi-chambered fusion-welded and sealed frame technology:

    • Neat or Sun Clean™ Easy Cleaning Glass
    • High Performance Spectrally Selective Glass
    • Aller-Guard Antipollution / Anti Allergy weather-stripping
    • Super Spacer for additional energy efficiency
    • Double locks for added security
    • Heavy Duty Marine Brass rollers for smoother operation
    • Double strength glass as in commercially rated windows

Aller-Guard Antipollution features a resistant seal to keep outdoor dust from entering your homes. It is also mold and mildew resistant so allergens are greatly lessened. Easy Cleaning Glass utilizes a photocatalytic process where UV radiation is used as a catalyst to break down any dirt on your windows. The coating for glass with Easy Cleaning technology also spreads out water droplets into sheets, avoiding the formation of streaks and spots on the glass surface (hard water). Whether it is cloudy, as long as UV radiation hits the windows, the photocatalytic effect will be observed.

Armstrong Windows offers an exclusive new technology for replacement windows called Infinity From Marvin. This series combines the toughness of a fiberglass (Ultrex Fiberglass) and the traditional look of wood. Ultrex Fiberglass, eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood, is a poor conductor, lessening the chances of heat (or cold) from the outside entering your homes. Besides its obvious durability, it also has low thermal expansion rate leading to longer endurance under different weather conditions. Its strength allows for another remarkable feature: a larger window size without affecting the amount of entering light. This system also has the easy cleaning feature so you no longer have to worry about maintenance, although you have to wipe the insides to keep it dust-free.

Armstrong Windows presents customers with products that are durable to last a lifetime. With that, their products are covered by warranties. Replacement windows can carry up to a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, just like the Infinity Windows. Prices for their products can be requested, as well as a free consultation with their Home Improvement Specialists, by calling 877-777-1234 or sending an email to In addition, they are having a Rain Promotion for 2011 up to 15% savings. Armstrong Headquarters is at 4575 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville California.