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Anlin Windows Installed In House

Anlin WindowsAnlin Windows was initiated by Tom Vidmar as Anlin Industries back in 1990. The company motto then was From Our Family to Yours which then became a part of the company’s identity. Its main products then were premium vinyl windows.

In the same year as its conception, the company was acclaimed as the Industrial Business of the Year by the U.S. House of Representatives through the sponsorship of Clovis, California, and the California State Legislature. In 1999, the company relocated to a modern manufacturing facility, now with an area of 200,000 square feet. In 2000, the company received the Small Business of the Year award from the Small Business Administration and was recognized by the California State Assembly and Congress. One year later, the company revamped its window and door products to set standards for energy conservation and functionality without affecting aesthetics.

The company now manufactures products for Californian residences with their new motto, Quality Windows and Doors from Our Family to Yours. The company holds a California OSHA Sharp award, which is the highest possible recognition given in the window manufacturing industry.

The main product line of Anlin Windows is its Anlin Vinyl Replacement Windows. Window units in this line are crafted through the Infinit-e Plus High-Performance Glazing System. The windows are customized to accommodate the moderate to the hot climate of California. As such, homes installed with Anlin windows enjoy optimum protection against UV rays, decreased annual thermal expenses, and home interiors muffled against external noise.

Anlin Vinyl Replacement Window Series

Available in three styles:

  • Coronado Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Catalina Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Monterey Vinyl Replacement Windows

The Coronado style has a 3-1/4 frame depth and is better suited for Double Hung, Double Slider, Casement, Awning, and Bay, and Bow windows. The Catalina style has a 2-7/8 frame depth and is used with Single Hung, Single Slider, Coronado Casement, Awning, and Bay, and Bow windows. Both the Coronado and the Catalina styles have an even sightline. The Monterey style, on the other hand, has a 2-7/8 frame depth and is designed for large glass areas without an even sight line or aeration latch. This style is used in Single Hung, Single Slider, and Picture windows.

Anlin Vinyl Replacement Window Types

The complete types of Anlin Vinyl Replacement Windows (along with their respective styles) are as follows:

  • Anlin Double-Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado)
  • Anlin Single-Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows (Catalina, Monterey)
  • Anlin Double Slider Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado)
  • Anlin Single Slider Vinyl Replacement Windows (Catalina, Monterey)
  • Anlin Picture Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado, Catalina, Monterey)
  • Anlin Casement Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado)
  • Anlin Awning Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado)
  • Anlin Bay and Bow Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado)
  • Anlin Geometric Vinyl Replacement Windows (Coronado, Catalina)
  • Anlin Garden Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Anlin Combination Vinyl Replacement Windows

Anlin Combination Vinyl Windows Options

Available in five window type combinations and are as follows:

  • Double-Hung Picture Double Hung (Coronado)
  • SingleHung Picture Single Hung (Catalina)
  • 3 Lite Slider (Coronado, Catalina)
  • Picture Over Slider (Catalina)
  • Operable Arch (Catalina)

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