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Vanguard Windows

Windows are huge investments especially when you are trying to build your dream home. These viewing sanctuaries are not only a place where your family can happily look at your surroundings; they are functional parts of your home that will provide comfort and security, much like your doors. However, windows are a bit more playful. With several innovations available, enhanced performance and exceptional exquisiteness, windows become almost a decorative piece as well. In order to get most out of your budget, you need to find home improvement systems that will deliver both high quality and incomparable elegance.


Vanguard windows are one of the most high-tech windows nowadays. With people looking for energy saving materials in the hopes of lowering the fuel consumption, Vanguard took advantage and developed windows that cut on the use for heating or cooling systems without neglecting the durability and security of the product. Low-maintenance windows are also an up and coming improvement and this saves time and effort, especially for those you are living a busy life. Modernization has taken over the entire world. With an increasing number of people, homes are becoming smaller. A small space for a home would not be that bad, however, one should consider the use of space.

Many old style windows, usually made of wood, tend to be bulky (aside from the fact that they require regular maintenance) and would not be a good choice for small homes or pad. Vanguard windows are a perfect solution. With their slim series of windows made of fiberglass plus PVC, Vanguard was able to combine strength with small space. They called this material FiberCore tougher than any other window material such as metal or wood and relatively efficient when it comes to heat transfer. Other polymeric materials developed for Vanguard windows include UltraCore, which is made with polyurethane (PU) acting as an insulator. SecureSeal combines PU and fiberglass to produce a window that is able to insulate and resist weathering. WindBlock™ Weatherstripping is an improvement for Vanguard windows featuring a double Mylar fin that disrupts the flow of strong winds; therefore, strong wind blows are avoided.



This window features airtight seals and three locking mechanism for optimum security. A single crank handle operates the window and allows easy cleaning.


This window features oak veneers for headboards, side panels and seats. The interior can be coated with Pionite freeing you from a regular painting and maintenance. The laminate is available in white, golden and provincial oak, cherry and Brazilian pecan. Blinds are optional accessories except for garden windows.


With tilt-in mechanism for smooth operation and maintenance, double-hung windows are built for ultimate performance. Enhanced with UltraCore, your window will be insulating heat radiation keeping your home comfortable. Improved toughness is added by aluminum frames. Vanguard windows can be designed according to your specifications. 

You can combine any of the innovations the store has to offer such as the SolarClean™, which is virtually self-cleaning and waterproofing systems. Insulated glass and decorative glass are also available as well as accessories such as Pet screens and OptiView™ Insect Screen (for Double Hung/Sliding). Colors for the interior and exterior will not be a problem because Vanguard offers a wide selection. Vanguard windows are accompanied by TotalCare Warranty, a limited lifetime guarantee covering defects and breakage. Other warranties issued by Vanguard include a transferable warranty for PVC frames, sashes, hardware (including balance, rollers latches, screen frames and crank mechanism) and insulated glass.