Accent Windows

Accent Windows

Accent Windows has been a choice for many in providing high-quality windows and doors since 1982. Its manufacturing facility, located in Denver, Colorado, uses only the finest and modern materials and technology to come up with the most possible energy-efficient products. Every window product a homeowner purchases comes with superior service that only the brand can provide.

The Colorado-based window brand has been a recipient of many prestigious awards.

Accent Windows Awards

  • 2010 BBB Gold Star award by the Denver Better Business Bureau for employing outstanding business ethics and receiving no complaints from clients for three years.
  • Nominated and named as the Best of Highlands Ranch from 2008 to 2010.
  • Ranked number 29 in the Qualified Remodelers Top 500 in 2007. Beforehand, the brand was already number 20 in the 200 Qualified Specialty Remodelers in 2006.
  • Ranked number 102 in ColoradoBiz’s list of the Top 250 Private Companies of 2007.
  • Recognized as one of the Top 100 Window and Door Manufacturers in 2008.
  • Ranked number 24 in the 2005 Best 100 Replacement Contractors.

Accent Windows Options

Accent Windows offers two window variants:

The Accent Legacy Series and the Accent Premier Series.

Both series utilize energy-efficient vinyl and modern glass technology for longer-lasting and year-round savings on windows. In addition, multi-chambered compounds are used in window construction to make the frames resistant to the effects of temperature changes. Drainage is also systematized to ensure only external drippings.

Because Accent windows are custom-built, they can come in any architectural style chosen by clients. Options for sizes, colors, grids, finishes (interior wood wraps, colors and stains, rosettes, sills, and casings), and glass packages allow for a wide range of combinations that coordinate with a home’s individuality. A line of accessories and trims are also available for window accentuation.

Accent Legacy Windows

This range features high-quality vinyl windows in various frame styles, such as:

  • Accent Single Slider Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Single-hung Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Double Slider Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Double-hung Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Triple Slider Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Fixed Picture Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Fixed Casement Awning Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Casement/Awning Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Bay Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Bow Legacy Series Windows
  • Accent Garden Legacy Series Windows

All frame styles are compatible with each other so homeowners can come up with a variety of combinations.

Accent Premier Windows

These windows are single-operating window styles, which include:

  • Accent Single Slider Premier Series Windows
  • Accent Single-hung Premier Series Windows
  • Accent Picture Slider Premier Series Windows
  • Accent Single Slider with Flange Premier Series Windows
  • Accent Single-hung with Flange Premier Series Windows

All styles are also compatible with one another so assorted combinations are plentiful.

Both the Legacy and Premier Series come with attractive features and benefits.

Accent Windows Benefits

  • Sturdy fusion welding for the ultimate in strength and weatherproofing.
  • Multi-hollow construction for insulation and soundproofing.
  • A patented design combination of airtight sashes and tilt-in latches ensures anti-air -, dust-, and water infiltration.
  • High-quality weatherstripping surface resists molds, mildew, and fungi.
  • The slim design increases the glass area without sacrificing sturdiness.
  • Certifications from the NFRC and ENERGY STAR label guarantee that the windows are ecological and are energy-efficient.

Accent Windows - Payment Options, Warranties, Tax Credits

Accent WindowsFinancing plans are also available for easy payment schemes on Accent windows.

All products come with an all-inclusive, lifetime, non-prorated transferable warranty, along with tax credits for each installed window.

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