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Allied Windows Kitchen ExampleAllied WindowsAllied Windows started as a small-scale factory at the Fraser Highway in 1970. After 40 years, it continues to provide window and door products for Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Okanagan, and the Fraser Valley. The Allied window company has definitely come a long way with its 65,000 square foot manufacturing plant at the Gloucester Industrial Park in Langley, BC, its new business location since 2008. Their employee number has grown significantly over the years along with their product line. Their success was further expanded in 2007 with their partnership with The ATIS Group of Companies, which is one of the biggest window production companies in Canada.

The company offers standout and detailed windows in aluminum and/or vinyl for residential and commercial units in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Every product is adaptable for new construction or renovation projects. Moreover, their windows are certified under the BC Energy Efficiency Act and adhere to ENERGY STAR conditions. Windows are classified according to material: vinyl, aluminum, and hybrid.

The vinyl line of windows is standard for any family-owned unit. They are optimized to withstand impact, have multiple chambers, and are fusion-welded. A free choice of colors can be either white or almond; however, other colors are available for an additional charge. Purchases of windows come with a twenty-year warranty for seal failure and vinyl profile & two years for hardware, labor, and parts.


Allied Windows Products

Window products in this series are:

    • Allied Vinyl Casement
    • Allied Vinyl Slider

The aluminum line of windows is also called the 45RS Series. These windows can be installed on residential and commercial & on mid-to high-rise units. They employ a Rain Screen Glazing System that lowers condensation and keeps dust off the ledges. Each window is verified to comply with CAN/CSA-A440 standards for A3, B7, and C5.

Windows products in this series are:

    • 45RS Series Fixed Windows
    • 45RS Series Awning Windows
    • 45RS Series Casement Windows

The hybrid line features the Allied Renaissance Series Hybrid Casement Window. This is their standard casement window fitted into an exterior aluminum frame. This accounts for its zero maintenance and outstanding thermal performance. Available for no charge in white or almond, this item rose to become the industry’s premium hybrid window. For a fee, this window can be customized with powder-coated woodgrains and finishes. Warranty grants for their window products must adhere to specific terms. For one, a homeowner is periodically responsible for the upkeep of the windows. Seal joints should be assessed once in a while and replaced when necessary. Moving parts or hardware should be consistently lubricated. Lastly, weatherstripping should be thoroughly cleaned. The Allied window company has been certified with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As such, the company adheres to a set of proper window installation practices and local building codes. However, installation is done independently of the company, through company sales representatives. Homeowners will have to coordinate with Allied Windows distributors for their window projects. The company supports the LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program that aims to promote a reduction in energy use in exchange for reduced expenses for homeowners. Inquiries for qualification in the program through the LiveSmart BC website at

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