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Alco Windows Products Showing A Wooden Framed Casement windowAlco WindowsALCO Windows takes pride in providing full customer service in window sales and installation in the cities of New Jersey and Philadelphia and in the county of Delaware.

All their main products are manufactured by VEKA and are assured of being of top-notch quality while being easy on the pocket. All ALCO employees are goal-oriented with high degrees of professionalism and integrity, so every client will receive the best service for every project.

VEKA, their manufacturing partner, exudes excellent German-engineered vinyl windows. The producer’s U.S. operations rapidly expanded, necessitating the building of a computer-automated window and door manufacturing facility. This site is known to be the first of its kind in the industry.

Both companies offer a range of new construction and replacement window products. The replacement window set is fully insulated with two-pane constructions and twice the amount of security locks. The glass system is fully insulated and has tilt mechanisms for easy maintenance.

ALCO Platinum 7000 Series Windows Styles

ALCO Platinum 7000 Series Windows Styles include:

  • ALCO Double-hung Platinum 7000 Series Windows
  • ALCO Slider Platinum 7000 Series Windows
  • ALCO Bow Platinum 7000 Series Windows
  • ALCO Casement Platinum 7000 Series Windows
  • ALCO Bay Platinum 7000 Series Windows

The sashes in their double-hung windows slide vertically, with screens located on the exterior. The sashes in their slider windows slide horizontally and have screens located on the exterior.

The bow windows are four to five adjoined windowpanes with hinged sides that protrude from the home. Bay windows, on the other hand, are usually three adjoined windowpanes that protrude from the home, wherein the center panel is at a level with the base wall.

Every window style in the Platinum 7000 Series all qualify for Federal Tax Credits.

ALCO Windows outperform their competitors by being a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and consequently, being awarded by the bureau with an A+ rating. Aside from that, the company is EPA-certified as a renovator of lead-based products, with Certification No. NAT-39318-1. This signifies that its installers are well trained and have the proper certification to carry out renovations and repairs with the use of lead-based products. Homeowners and proprietors with units built before 1978 are then assured of no lead leakages and contamination within their property in every project undertaken.

Aside from the mentioned certifications, every company product is sealed by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and ENERGY STAR. These labels are proofs that every product from this company exceeds set energy efficiency and ecological requirements.

Moreover, the company is a licensed home improvement contractor in both Pennsylvania (No. PA014005) and New Jersey (No. 13VH04981900). Pennsylvania homeowners can avail of financing and rebate programs from Keystone HELP, which aims to promote widespread, easy-to-reach energy efficiency. Similarly, New Jersey homeowners are backed by the Clean Energy Program, which functions with sellers and producers to promote the utilization of energy-proficient and ecological products.

ALCO Windows offers a limited, but lifetime transferable guarantee and assures full satisfaction, if not, reimbursement. Payment options are so flexible, which also includes a zero-interest pay later scheme.

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