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Summit Windows

The company Summit Windows & Doors Inc has been around to cater to the needs of customers for durable and beautiful fixtures since 1990. It is currently situated in Anchorage in the state of Alaska, where it was first founded, as well as the place where it officially became a solid corporation. As of today, it is enjoying a yearly revenue of at most five million dollars, and it has a number of helping hands, roughly about ten to twenty employees. It is known for its responsibility of producing various forms of doors and windows, which can be installed on any part of the house, such as the garage, etc. Being a small corporation, the company enlists the assistance of distributors and contractors to help it reach customers who have scattered across the United States of America. It mainly relies on thousands of markets, which have granted the business permission to use them as outlets for its products and services. These seemingly big limitations did not hinder the quality of the work that Summit Windows produces every day. In fact, it is more profitable than most businesses that are larger in size and older in industry years. The key is hard work. The discipline to create and develop premium-grade merchandise without compromising the price is truly what makes the company a huge success not only in the sense of money but also in the eyes of many customers.

Summit Window Types

The types and styles of fixtures that Summit Windows offers include the following:

  • Replacement Windows
  • Storm Windows and Doors
  • Vinyl Windows and Doors
  • Gutters
  • Patio Doors
  • Glass Blocks

As mentioned above, the specialty of Summit Windows is storm windows and doors. These products are specifically designed to withstand the forces of nature, which could result to even more damage and physical injury. The company caters to more than just windows and doors. It also gives its customers a chance to appreciate the benefits of other fixtures, which are commonly overshadowed, such as the gutters, shutters, and blinds.

The clients are given several options on how they want the window or door to be built. This includes interior alterations, such as the width of the sash and the functionality of the locking system. As for the exterior appearance, the entire outcome depends on what color, shape, size, and add-ons the customers want. There is no specified limitation on the desires of the user, with the exception of a flaw or violation of strict building codes.

As with all home-improvement companies, Summit Windows provides its customers with a lifetime warranty whose transferability depends on the terms agreed upon after the initial purchase. The guarantee assures the clients of the durability of the product, as well as the specific parts that are meant to last for a lifetime. The insurance only covers the instances where the user is not at fault, which are accidental or spontaneous, such as damaged materials upon delivery, etc.

The warranty, however, does not cover any events where the customer has a part in the injury. This is also true if the damage is made by uncontrolled forces of nature or inevitable wear-and-tear.