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Window Depot

Window Depot Window Reviews

Every once in a while you find a company that can supply everything you need for your home. Window Depot serves nearly 90 U.S. markets, and they offer some of the finest premium goods in the window industry. At Window Depot you can be assured of a great product and a fair price as part of the principle behind what has made this company one of the leading suppliers of replacement windows in the world. 

Why Choose Window Depot?

Once you start looking at your options, replacing windows may not be as easy and straightforward as you had imagined. The window industry is extremely competitive, and apart from the fact that you’ll be spoilt for choice, the whole process of finally selecting the correct window to match your specific needs can be overwhelming. Window Depot has changed the way America buys windows. Whether you prefer to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor, whether its energy-efficient windows for your new house or replacements for your existing home, you won’t find a better deal and service anywhere else. Window Depot Windows At Window Depot, you can find windows to match almost any home or climate. You can choose from:

  • casement windows 
  • vinyl replacement windows
  • bay & bow windows
  • casement windows
  • double-hung windows
  • garden windows
  • sliding windows
  • composite wood windows

Window Depot Triple Pane Energy Savers

If you’re in the market for some replacement windows, then it’s fair to assume that, at some point, you’ve considered windows for their energy-savings quality. With the latest in window designs, triple-pane windows from Window Depot is at the leading edge of energy-saving capability. 

What are triple-pane windows?

A triple-pane window is created with 3 layers of different glass divided by a spacer. The space between each pane of glass is generally filled with a non-toxic gas to reduce the airflow from passing through them. The type of gas used can vary between:

  • Krypton: 0.0094
  • Argon: 0.016
  • Carbon dioxide: 0.015
  • Air: 0.024
  • Nitrogen: 0.026

With this gas, you have enhanced soundproofing characteristics. They also minimize the heat exchange through the window, making them extremely energy-efficient. Moreover, this type of design greatly reduces the risk of condensation and frost. This makes it perfect for almost any climate. As an added advantage, triple-pane windows can be combined with a Low-e coating to optimize its performance. Low-E coatings block harmful UV rays that damage the interior of the home from prolonged exposure, so adding this will not only make them energy-efficient windows, but also protect your home’s interior.

Window Depot Energy Packages

Modern homeowners are conscious of their energy consumption, and At Window Depot, you have the luxury of choosing between 2 energy-saving packages that will offer you incredible value for all your triple-pane window needs. The GOLD Package includes a Low-E coating and argon gas while the PLATINUM Package includes Low-E coating on two surfaces to give you the superior insulation qualities you require. As with all of Window Depot’s products, this is an outstanding value for money offer. 

Window Depot Warranty

Window Depot’s licensed partners supply their top of the line product range with a manufacturer’s product warranty. Their products come with a lifetime warranty and form the foundation of the company’s warranty. It’s important to remember, however, that Window Depot is not a manufacturer. All of their products carry product warranties from the manufacturers themselves. Window Depot offers a Transferable Warranty that can be passed on to the subsequent owner of the same residence. Their warranty also includes a Labor Warranty, covering labor on all necessary corrections for up to 36 months after the initial installation took place, as well as an Optional Glass Breakage Warranty and Insulated Glass Warranty, covering you from any defects to the glass. Mechanical parts are warranted against manufacturer, material and workmanship defects, while vinyl products should not blister, peel, rot or corrode. 

How Much Do Windows at Window Depot Cost?

All Window Depot locations around the US are a part of our national organization that has buying power some of the top brand manufacturers around. This is partly why they are able to maintain it’s competitive pricing edge. However, it’s almost impossible to estimate how much replacement windows cost, purely based on the fact that there is such a large difference in the quality and construction of the multitude of window products available on the market. On average, you can estimate to budget anywhere from $150-$600 per window at Window Depot. 

Window Depot Window Selection

Thanks to locally owned and operated partners across the country, Window Depot can bring you huge savings on amazing replacement windows. It’s not hard to see why Window Depot has become such a trusted name and industry leader. They provide the absolute lowest price and best service around at the lowest possible prices. Whether its energy-efficient windows, doors or skylights you want, Window Depot will have you covered.