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Slider Windows

What are Slider Windows and How to Choose Them

Slider windows are a type of window that has two or even more slightly overlapping sashes that horizontally slide within the frame. One of the sashes is fixed while the rest can glide to the left or right sides of the frame through detachable rollers.

Benefits of Slider Windows

By moving horizontally, slider windows do not go against gravity and do not have failed springs. It is more convenient to use in patios where they do not pose obstacles to people walking in the vicinity. It is also good to use in kitchens, where sliding panes work more conveniently in providing ventilation. They are an ideal choice for those in highly populated areas because they do not obstruct traffic flow. These windows are easy to use and install and are suited for areas where the weather frequently changes.

How to Find a Reliable Contractor for Slider Windows

To ensure that the slider windows deliver the best performance, choose a reliable contractor who will install the windows. The choice can come from a list of recommendations from relatives, neighbors, and friends. Consult authorities such as the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Window Dealers and Installers to check on the contractors’ performance.

How Much Do Slider Windows Cost

The cost of slider windows ranges from a hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the materials, the design, and the window size. Decide on the budget and make sure that the contractor stays within this budget. It is important to discuss the terms, scheduled completion, payments scheme, and possible insurance with the contractor before signing the contract.

How to Choose the Best Slider Windows for Your Home

The best choice is the one that offers long-lasting high-quality performance. Choose brands that offer more efficient energy glass and better seals. As a guide, choose the ones that meet the EnergyStar standards of performance. Choose window glass options that meet the homeowners’ needs. Whether the glasses are made of Low E, double-pane, or triple-pane, the choice highly depends on the insulation and protection capability that can satisfy the customer’s needs.

Top Manufacturers and Brands of Slider Windows

There are various manufacturers of slider windows. The following is the two top producers and brands of this type of window:


Simonton is a well-known manufacturer of slider window products, like the Reflections 5050 Series 2-Lite. It features a 3.25 inches deep vinyl frame with right and left sashes that have been welded together for extra strength. It offers double pane glass for better insulation. Its sash can be lifted up for easy cleaning purposes. It is equipped with a half screen made of fiberglass. The Reflections 5500, on the other hand, uses a Low-E Soft Coat argon-filled glass. Its deep frame is also attached to the sash. Besides the dual-pane, 3/4 inch glass unit, and fiberglass screens that are found in Reflections 5050, it offers a double cam lock.


ClimateGuard is another leading manufacturer known for its 2000 and 7000 Series Sliding Windows. The 2000 series offers 7/8 inches of thick insulated glass, tilted and welded sash, angled sill, lock by Nite Vent with interlocking pane meeting rail, and a fiberglass-made half screen. All these features are also found in the 7000 series. An added feature is the use of titanium glass Ti-AC36 that is argon-filled.