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Single Pane Windows

Single Pane Windows are a type of window that has one sash into which the pane of glass rests. The majority of older-style homes have windows that are single pane. In fact, almost half of U.S. homes have old-fashioned single-pane windows. If you own a home, there might be some repairs that you can put off for weeks, months, heck maybe years. But, there are others that need to be taken care of now – windows are in this category! Windows not only help keep bugs, birds, and other creatures out of our homes. But, they also help keep us safe. Furthermore, they also help keep our homes more eco-friendly, keeping them warm inside while it’s cold outside and keeping it cool inside while it’s hot inside.

Needless to say, fixing a window is definitely not something you want to wait even days to do! If you’re wondering about prices in terms of fixing, repairing or replacing windows altogether, the information provided below will answer all you need to know about single-pane windows.

Cost When Replacing Single Pane Window Glass Yourself?

Replacing the glass in a single pane window is one of if not THE cheapest repairs you will ever have in a home. For a single pane glass window, you’re looking at around $3 per sqft = $16 to $22. This would include the glass itself, the glazier’s points, window putty, and exterior caulking. Not too bad actually!

Having Someone Else Replace Single Pane Glass

If you aren’t comfortable dealing with the single pane of glass on your own or you are afraid you might mess it up, that’s okay! Not everyone is a DIYer, that’s why we have handymen!. A handyman will usually charge anywhere between $50 to $100 for single pane window replacement.

It’s a little more money, but it might be worth it to you. If you have multiple windows that need their panes repaired and replaced – ask the handyman about multiple window discounts. Most handymen that offer to replace windows will gladly give you a break.

More Window Panes Equals More Cost?

On the other hand, if you have one or two single panes to repair, you should know that other window types such as bay windows, bow windows, or double pane windows will cost increasingly more to alter and replace. This basically happens because of the construction or design of the windows and the panes = plus it’s more labor for the person fixing them.

Types of Window Pane Entry Areas

Most homes, especially newer homes these days, do NOT have single-pane windows. The only time you might really see these in a newer or newish home these days is at a front door entrance, back door entrance, or in a basement. Since these are 3 points where entry is possible it’s really important that you get your single pane windows fixed now, rather than later.

You might think that people that live in “rough neighborhoods” are the only ones that need to worry about fixing their windows right away, but that’s not how it works! If someone sees a broken window or pane and they have stolen before, it doesn’t matter if you live in a $25,000 house or a $250,000 house the desire to get into the home will still be there.

If you plan on having someone come to your home or place of business but they cant come for a few days, there is one recommended option for a temporary fix.

You can take a thick plastic sheeting, cut it to size x2. Then place one sheet on the inside of the door frame, use masking tape and nails/staples to secure it. Then do this for the outside as well. It’s not super secure, but at least it’ll help until the window can get fixed.

If this makes you too nervous, find a company that does window repairs and replacements and has 24/7 hour service or can make emergency calls!