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Pennco Windows

During the early 1950s, a family business serving up construction plus materials and tools was established. This company was called the Ashland Lumber Company and was founded by father and son Mr. W.L. Pennington and R.E. Later on, the company forms another establishment that manufactured doors and windows that are made of aluminum. The company incorporated the other establishment and so it became Pennco, Inc. In 1961, the Penningtons actually abandoned the lumber company to focus on Pennco. R.E. Pennington, the son, led the manufacturing of high-quality windows and sliding doors. Through the next few years, the company engaged in many different innovations such as the addition of thermal windows, vinyl windows, and more. Today, Pennco, Inc. is actually involved in using state-of-the-art robotics technology in the manufacturing of its doors and windows. The company truly has adjusted to different eras, continuously seeking improvement.

Range of Windows Available With Pennco

Pennco windows come in different styles or series.

As clients can see, there are enough choices to satisfy their window needs. They can also choose from among a series of window styles.

Pennco Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

With Pennco windows, clients have the opportunity to have architecturally beautiful homes without having to shell out a lot of money. The vinyl option certainly provides the durability and style needed in one neat package.

Why go for Pennco windows? Aside from the beauty and the savings, the clients also get fully-welded and easily installed windows. These windows are also easy to maintain. In fact, Pennco, Inc. goes as far as advertising the windows as maintenance-free. The windows are also energy efficient in that they help homeowners save money on utility bills.
Pennco, Inc. is a stable company that has been growing and improving for years. So clients should be assured of continuous service. Assurance is important because windows usually come with ten to twenty years of warranty. Clients would want companies that will still be there for that long.

Pennco Window Costs / Price Brackets

Potential clients may want to call the company for a free quotation on Pennco windows. The price bracket should be large enough to cover not just high-end projects but also budgeted projects. Clients can see just by reading through the company’s website that Pennco is serious about providing affordable but durable and beautiful windows to its clients. Clients should not hesitate to ask more questions regarding the cost.

Care & Warranty Information

Pennco, Inc. guarantees that all of its windows and doors have no defects and virtually need no maintenance. The company is proud to offer high-quality products that will not easily give up on homeowners. The windows are Energy Star certified and can therefore save the homeowner up to 15% of the utility bills.