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Pacesetter Windows

Pacesetter Windows Reviews

Introduction & Brand History

Pacesetter Windows is a business that sells products that have been manufactured by third-party companies that they have chosen. Pacesetter has also had some of the products custom-made for it to be able to provide its clients the windows that they want. Apparently, the company is now operating as Cascade windows. As before, it works as a supplier and partner. It is a supplier in the sense that it provides products that have been manufactured by other companies. It is a partner because it ensures that the client has a pleasant experience going through the process of choosing and buying windows. It ensures that the client finds windows at an affordable price.

Range of Windows Available

Because the company basically orders windows from different manufacturers, it is able to supply all types of windows in all types of styles. So, consumers need not go anywhere else for their window needs. Pacesetter windows are so varied that they can cover both modern and classic while also making way for types such as awnings, casements, bows and bays, sliders, single hung, and picture windows. The client just needs to say what Pacesetter windows they require and he or she will have them.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

Pacesetter Windows is a supplier. This means that it can find the perfect fit for each client. It does not have to rely on just the type of windows that it can manufacture but it can actually look everywhere for the type of windows that it still lacks if there are still such. It also has more than twenty years of experience to back up its choices while it also updates itself with the companies that offer the most advanced technologies. Pacesetter Windows can then offer a neat combination of experience or tradition, and technology. The company is aware of the fact that homeowners need energy-efficient windows is able to save more money on utility bills. So, it is able to provide just that Energy Star compliant windows.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

The price bracket is pretty wide because Pacesetter is a supplier. It can find the windows that fit the client’s preferences and budget. The client can take advantage of the company’s partner stance by consulting with a representative about his or her preferences and what the project is all about. Through this consultation, the client can come out with a design that he or she will be proud of while also still being able to save money on the project.

Care & Warranty Information

Pacesetter offers a lifetime guarantee of support and service. There are also all sorts of warranties. For example, there is a ten-year warranty on commercial windows and a lifetime warranty on residential ones. There is even a glass breakage warranty. The warranty certificate comes with exclusions and claims procedures. The warranty is good for ten years. Clients of the Pacesetter company are assured of a lifetime’s worth of care and windows that do not really need a lot in terms of maintenance.