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Argon Windows

What Are Argon Windows?

Argon Windows are windows filled with argon gas. This technology is for the improvement of thermal transfer between inside and outside of homes. An air space between layers of glass windows conducts heat, reducing it, therefore, would require replacing the air space with an inert or non-reactive gas that is much viscous, less conductive and slow-moving.

Why Argon Gas?

One gas that fits such description is argon, a noble gas that is cheap, clear, odorless, and most importantly, non-toxic. Prior to sealing, argon is flushed into the space between glass layers and then acts as an insulator, minimizing conduction and convection of heat. Because of its efficiency (in performance and in cost), argon has been a popular insulator.

Advantages of Argon Windows

Argon Windows are not prone to damage or corrosion that can be caused by the presence of oxygen. Because argon is inert, it is less likely to react to surrounding elements; therefore, the seal of window panes remains intact for longer periods. Argon used as an insulator is due to its density; being heavier than air means its movement is slower, meaning, the heat movement or transfer also becomes slower. In addition, Argon Windows not only keep heat from the outside from entering the house but also retains heat from inside the house during colder weather. This allows homeowners to lower energy consumption and electric bills.

Alternatives to Argon Windows

Other inert gases heavier than argon are available, however, the amount of heat that these other gases are able to contain cannot compensate for their high cost.

How to Choose the Right Argon Windows

Windows are not only to keep the elements away from the insides of the house. New technology has allowed windows to help lower energy use and expenditure. Argon Windows may be a bit expensive compared to ordinary windows but picking out the right ones can provide you an efficient investment. Argon Windows have thin coatings to reflect back heat. First, you have to figure out the climate in your area. If you are living in a warmer region, you might want to look for windows that have higher gas fill or windows that will provide cooling. Visit your local windows store and ask for their Argon Windows. You can also visit the National Fenestration Rating Council website for more details and resources to help you choose which window fits best for your home.

Tips for Buying and Installing Argon Windows

If you are residing in colder regions, it may be easier to find suitable Argon Windows because they are suggested to work better in cooler places. Window manufacturers make at least one line of high-end products but they also manufacture lines that are of lower quality. In the end, looking only at the brand may not help you completely. Most people would rely on professional services (contractors, etc.) because this is a huge investment to risk.

Find a reputable contractor to help you out with finding appropriate Argon Windows for your home. You can also find manufacturers that offer a free consultation (such as Armstrong Windows) to help you decide. When you are planning to replace windows, the best season would be during late spring or early fall. You will need milder weather conditions because the interior of your house will be exposed to elements once the windows are removed. Estimate your budget and look over all your possible options before deciding on which to buy. Take note of costs and warranties offered.