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Wojan Windows ViewWojan WindowsWojan Windows is a 1952-founded business specializing in the manufacture of aluminum windows for the North American market. Totalling a space of 150,000 square feet, its production facilities in Michigan include one in Charlevoix, which is located nearby the Great Lakes, and another in Coldwater, strategically located between Chicago and Detroit.

The company is not only proud of the quality of its products, but it also takes pride in having excellent locations for product testing. Its facilities experience the four seasons, perfect for testing the different specifications for weatherability and resistance.

Wojan Windows is also a proud member of various certifying bodies in the industry. It is a member of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Insulating Glass Certification Council, and the BOMA International. Aside from these, it is also a provider for the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education, and a supplier of huge international companies like Hilton Worldwide and Marriott.

Wojan Windows Styles

Wojan Windows brings window production to a higher level with its own window styles:

Wojan Windows differs from other North American window companies by providing blast-resistant and hurricane-impact windows. The company specializes in these types, and customers can even find single hung, slider, or fixed windows having these protective qualities. These blast-resistant windows are made to pass the strict requirements of the Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria. Made with a four-and-three-quarter-inch frame depth with an inch of insulated glass, these windows are rated to provide a medium level of protection and minimal glazing hazard.

On the other hand, windows under the hurricane-impact series are exceptionally strong, being able to pass the large missile impact testing. Its construction is made of two-and-three-quarter-inch frame depth with a three-quarter-inch insulated glass. Like the other series, these windows are poured and abridged with the Azo-Brader polyurethane thermal break, a technology that provides an optimum thermal barrier for aluminum windows. These windows are appropriate for commercial and heavy commercial use, as well as for residential renovations and new constructions.

This company also utilizes the latest technologies for its windows. These windows have low emissivity coating glass for thermal efficiency, having grades between 35 and 60 depending on the kind of glass, inert gas, and spacers used. Also, they received high ratings in tests conducted for air infiltration, structural load, water resistance, and deflection.

For these high-performance and highly protective windows, the company also offers a few customization options. Customers can have a white, bronze, or sandstone finish, or they can choose to have Kynar-based paint, clear anodized, or bronze anodized. Specialty and non-standard colors are also available by request from the customer. For the grids, simulated divided lite and grids between the glass are available. Spacers to choose from are traditional aluminum boxers or warm-edge spacers.

Wojan Windows gives a ten-year limited warranty for all its products with insulated glass, but customers are advised to contact a local representative or the Wojan Inside Sales department to know the nuances behind this said warranty.

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Prices of window products at Wojan Windows differ according to type, color, size, and features. Thus, it is necessary to compare the costs of various Wojan window types and to put products side by side in order to see the pros and cons. When it comes to warranty, Wojan offers different warranties depending on the model and type, as most of them give their products a certain length of warranty years based on materials and confidence.  Therefore, the price of the end product you will get is dependent on your careful selection and inspection.

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