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Windsor WindowsWindsor Windows is a 1946-established company with enduring commitment for quality, value, service, and high-performance products. The company started with fifteen employees in its location in Iowa, but when it was acquired by Woodgrain Millwork in 1987, it started to achieve greater successes and developments.

Among those developments was the expansion of its facilities; it purchased one in Monroe, North Carolina in 1992, and then built two in Moines, Iowa in different years. Today, its production facility has a space of more or less 340,000 square feet, housing all high-end machinery and dedicated 700 employees.

Windsor Windows’s products are not only limited to using high-quality vinyl materials. It also manufactures windows from cellular PVC, and it has a line consisting of hybrid windows. The company has three product lines: Pinnacle for all aluminum-clad and wood windows; Legend for all windows made from cellular PVC; and Next Dimension Vinyl that has all vinyl-made windows.

Quality Windows for American Homes

Windsor Windows makes living in a home better by offering quality windows for American homes:

  • Windsor Awning Windows
  • Windsor Casement Windows
  • Windsor Double Hung Windows
  • Windsor Single Hung Windows
  • Windsor Slider Windows
  • Windsor Fixed Windows

This company manufactures windows that meet every individual’s preference. The beauty of wood can be had in its primed or treated form, but it can also be protected with aluminum to lower maintenance costs. Vinyl windows are known to be durable and resistant to elements like moisture, while cellular PVC is vinyl extrusions engineered to improve its density and durability. All these windows come in different configurations in color, sizes, finishes, hardware, and glazing to enhance their look and performance.

Windsor Windows are known not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their strength and endurance. These windows have a multi-chambered construction for strength, and these chambers have air space for energy efficiency. Also, they use a multi-point locking system, putting a quality lock in different parts of the window to deter break-ins. To make the windows stand against the sun’s heat, different glazing types are used. Low emissivity glass blocks ultraviolet rays and lets sunlight pass through. Dual low emissivity glass is an improved version that combines Cardinal Low-E soft coat and Pilkington Energy Advantage Low-E hard coat for each side of the interior surfaces of the dual-pane glass. This special glass makes the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and it helps reduce energy costs.

Windsor Windows also offers various customization options to make these windows look better even on the outside. These windows have anodized finishes, which include clear, champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, extra dark bronze, black, and copper. Aside from the Low-E glass, clear, obscure, and tinted glass is also available. For wooden windows, the interior can be painted or stained, while wood species are clear select pine, vertical grain fir, and natural alder. Hardware finishes can also be chosen, as well as grille and screen types.

Warranties for Windsor Windows products vary for each product line, but it is generally twenty for the insulated glass, ten for a painted finish, five for the anodized finish, and ten for parts and components.

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