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Window Types

Impact Windows

Impact windows are a type of window that is built stronger than ordinary windows. It is coined as high-impact windows, hurricane windows or impact resistant windows because it can resist ...

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Garden Windows

Garden windows generally refer to kitchen and greenhouse windows that often face the backyard or garden. Most are designed to provide a touch of the outdoors to your interior by providing ...

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Glass Windows

With few exceptions, all windows are made of glass in frames or behind grills. They comprise about 70% of windows with the rest made of vinyl or PVX, wood, fiberglass, ...

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Casement Windows

Casement windows follow an early style of making windows used during the medieval times in England. It is usually made of oak timber and six panes of glass. Occasionally, Gothic arches ...

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Egress Windows

Egress windows are your emergency exit or escape windows required in specific locations in a dwelling space, whether commercial or residential. They are mandated in building codes to meet specific size ...

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Best Windows

The best windows can simply be described as the windows ideal for you and your home. Because people have different preferences, the idea of best windows also differ, especially when ...

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Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is actually of a more traditional style compared to other types of windows. In this style, the sash on top is fixed a little at the ...

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Home Windows

Home windows come in different shapes and sizes, and it is meant to serve multiple intents and purposes besides being a decorative piece or a temperature insulator. Nevertheless, it is often ...

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Soundproof Windows

A soundproof window is an added window installed behind the existing one. A piece of glass is inserted and secured in between the internal and external panes of the original ...

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Half Moon Window

A half moon window is a type of window that is semi-circular in shape resembling the crescent shape of the half moon. It is also called an eyebrow arch window. It ...

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