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Window Types

Custom Windows

Custom windows are windows that fit the specifications of a particular client. These windows may be of a certain type but have gone through some modifications that make them just ...

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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows are a type of window that has two sashes. One is movable while the other one is fixed. Usually, the bottom sash is the one that can ...

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Bay Windows

Bay windows are defined as windows that project outward of the main walls. The name is so because it forms a bay inside the house. Bay can be defined as ...

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Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass windows are also known as switchable glass, smart windows, switchable windows or E-Glass. It is made of a type of transparent glass that can turn opaque when a ...

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Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered Glass Windows are a type of fixture that uses a safety glass and is ideal in homes or building that requires a sturdier window than the standard glass. The ...

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Replacement Windows

Replacement windows take the place of old or broken windows in different spaces at residential and commercial settings. New window technologies and innovations in the market now make it possible ...

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Exterior Windows

Exterior windows or shutters are great to improve how the house looks from the outside. But they also provide functional protection against the elements as well as improving your home's ...

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Argon Windows

Argon Windows are windows filled with argon gas. This technology is for the improvement of thermal transfer between inside and outside of homes. An air space between layers of glass ...

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Jalousie Windows

When you think of jalousie windows, you imagine a larger version of Venetian blinds with glass instead of plastic or wooden slats and fixed frame. The glass slats are movable; ...

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Prism Windows

Prism Windows vows to provide their customers optimum quality products and reliable services and having satisfied buyers has been their aim ever since the store started. With products freshly made, Prism ...

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