Western Windows

Western Windows is a 1977-established company serving the needs of Alberta, Calgary, and other areas in Canada for quality vinyl replacement windows. The company’s dedication to honesty, quality, and customer satisfaction has never waned through the years, and today, it holds the name as one of the best and most trusted window companies in the area. Due to its continued quality service, it was awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence from 2003 through 2010.

Western Windows Styles

Western Windows has an array of window styles for every home’s need:

  • Western Casement Windows
  • Western Awning Windows
  • Western Double Slider Windows
  • Western Double Hung Windows
  • Western Single Slider Windows
  • Western Single Hung Windows

The quality that separates Western Windows from other Canadian window companies is their specific steps from the manufacture to the installation of the ordered windows. All their installers are trained by the company and have coverage for workers’ compensation and liability insurance. The work starts by measuring the existing window to ensure the proper size of the to-be manufactured window. During the installation, protection for the carpet and floor is laid first, then the removal of the old window follows. The new window is fitted and installed, hiding all screws and unsightly additions, and making sure that the window operates. For exposed spaces or cavities, the company’s installers fill them with foam insulation. An interior finish of oak, fir, or PVC is selected, and the weatherproofing is installed. The last in the ritual is returning the furniture in place, cleaning the site, and hauling every piece of debris. These steps are standard in all jobs provided by Western Windows to its customers no matter how big or small the order is.

Western windows are characterized by having all the needed technologies to ensure their performance and reliability. These windows have multi-hollow chambers that give superior thermal insulation and sound reduction. The B.F. Goodrich geon PVC used is almost indestructible, and it does not pit, rot, peel, dent, corrode, and warp. The PVC material, as well as the air chambers within the construction, adds more insulation for the windows. The corners on the frames and sashes are fusion welded to contribute strength and lifespan to the windows.

Additionally, Western windows use the trusted warm-edge spacer technology to keep the temperature within the glass at a normal level during winter and summer. The glass of the windows is filled with argon gas so that heat transference is reduced through the windows. This adds another layer of protection for the home, since this inert gas blocks harmful ultraviolet rays to a certain percentage, and it only allows true light to penetrate. To proof the windows from air and water, three compression seals are used. Also, these windows use heavy-duty hardware called Truth EntryGard operators, which are fastened through the walls to provide maximum protection from break-ins. Security is even improved by double locks installed in them.

Western Windows Certification

Windows manufactured by Western Windows are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association. These windows generally have a rating of R40 or R50 for forced entry tests. Also, they passed the Canadian Standard Association tests for air infiltration, water pressure resistance, and structural load.

Western Windows products are maintenance-free because customers only need a mixture of soap and water to clean the windows. When it comes to warranty, the company gives a different duration per part. It gives twenty years of non-prorated transferable warranty for the glass, lifetime non-prorated for the hardware and vinyl, transferable ten years for wood frames and slabs, and transferable ten years warranty for labor.

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