Webb Windows Reviews

webb-windowsWebb Windows is a Conneaut, Ohio-based company with over fifty years of experience in the home improvement industry. It is a company known for creating millwork products that are distinct in appearance and shapes since it only specializes in the manufacture of specialty windows for homes. The company is also a proud member of Wood Is Green, an organization that spreads awareness of wood as a sustainable, renewable source of building materials. Webb is one of the companies run by CW Ohio, the same name behind Turncraft Architectural, Cascade Sash and Specialties, Window Craft, Cascade Wood Products, and Turncraft Wood.

Webb Windows offers a lot of specialty window styles for every home:

  • Webb Molded and Wood Round Windows
  • Webb Molded and Wood Oval Windows
  • Webb Clad and Wood Octagon Windows
  • Webb Custom Windows
  • Webb Half-round Windows
  • Webb Transom Windows
  • Webb Louver Windows

Webb Windows is distinguished by creating special windows that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform very well. Its line of round and oval windows is made from molded wood, has a brickmould profile, and resembles double-hung windows. The interior is made from natural laminated pine, while the exterior is from molded polyurethane. This exterior is very resistant to water and other elements and has an integrated nail fin for hassle-free installation. The glass of the windows is insulated with low emissivity qualities, but homeowners can also opt for an elegant brass with a beveled tripane.

Webb Windows Options

Further, clad wooden windows from this company include those with aluminum or vinyl cladding. These windows can either have venting or fixes glass, which can be insulated and decorated with brass, diamond bevel, primed, or natural designs. The available colors are bronze, white, earth, and sand. On the other hand, the line of custom windows includes unconventional shapes like Palladian, round top, pentagon, segment top, quarter round, and Gothic. Like the other styles, windows of this type are offered in various grille patterns, exterior types, casing profiles, and extension jambs. The distinct quality of these windows is that they have high U-values because of the insulated glazing glass, Low-E glass, or Low-E glass with argon gas filling used in them.

Webb's Louver Windows

Webb Windows’s line of louver windows features cedar windows that are made to ventilate a home. These high-performance windows use the company’s patented design that allows air to enter the slots located on the underside of each blade. Air then enters the baffle chamber inside the window’s face, so water blow-through is prevented up to a hundred percent. The shape of these windows can be round top, round, octagon, half-round, rectangle, round square back, quarter round, and gable. Aside from the high-performance louvers, there is also a set of primed louvers with overlapping blades to prevent water infiltration. There are also grooves that block water blow-through, an angled watershed sill for leakage protection, and a fiberglass mesh screen.

Homeowners who want the beauty of wood in their home will definitely like the variety of shapes and features offered by Webb Windows. These quality windows are offered with varying warranties depending on the features they have.

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