Vision Windows

Vision Windows is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing cost-effective window solutions in New South Wales and the surrounding areas. The company is dedicated to creating standard window designs and custom masterpieces in order to help customers be successful in their home improvement projects. Since 1988, the company has been providing energy-efficient products to the Australian market. Today, it is operated by Sandra and Geoff Kates as the directors.

Vision Windows Options

Vision Windows has its own array of quality windows for every home:

  • Vision Awning Windows
  • Vision Louvre Windows
  • Vision Custom Windows
  • Vision Double Hung Windows
  • Vision Sliding Windows

Awning Windows

Vision Windows’s awning windows are known for the reliability they provide especially in homes and buildings located in windy areas. These windows have clean architecture and a balanced look that is easy on the eyes. When closed, these windows provide protection from harsh weather, but when they are opened, they give good ventilation to the room. Because of the strong external frames, these windows can withstand strong winds and hail. The sash seal that runs the perimeter of the window contributes superb weather protection, as well as an obvious reduction in sound pollution.

Other Window Options

Louvre and sashless windows are a good option if you have a spacious garden. These windows offer a great view to the outside, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your personally cultivated garden. Ventilation inside the room can be adjusted using the multi-positional locking system; this system can also provide security. The aluminum frames are powder-coated, so you save yourself trouble in repainting for many years. With louver windows, the window blades are secured using injection-molded clips that produce no noise. These clips are also non-corrosive and give a superb weather seal.

Vision Windows’s double-hung windows are perfect for homes satisfied with simple, easy-to-use windows. These windows are perfectly balanced, so they are hassle-free to operate when opening or closing. For weather protection, the sashes have a deep weather pile, making raising or lowering the sashes noiseless. The security feature includes the cam locking system, which prevents and makes forced entry attempts futile. Double-hung windows are also good for keeping warm air out and cold air in. During rainy days, the top sash can be left open to let the warm air escape, while at the same time trapping cold air at the bottom sash.

Using sliding windows from this company presents several benefits. The construction of these windows includes interlocking mullions that reinforce durability and strength. Also, they use a deep weather seal to prevent air, water, and other elements from penetrating through the edges. They also allow easy opening and closing, as well as a smooth and noiseless sliding action. These windows can be installed with height-adjustable key locks, but all of them come standard with insect screens for added protection. Moreover, they are very easy to clean, since the glass, screen, and sill sections are accessible. For homes nearby coastal areas, these windows are perfect because they have a self-draining sill with an added sub-sill that can accommodate a considerable amount of water.

Vision Windows gives various customization options for its window products. There are different glass choices available to improve the sound reduction and energy-saving capabilities of the windows. Further, custom windows can have other treatments like leadlights, colonial bars, and other decorative pieces. Glass and acrylic blocks can also enhance the appearance of this type of window. For double-hung windows, choices for the grilles are colonial or endeavor, while the grid patterns are federation, Tudor, and traditional colonial.

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