Thermo Tite Windows

Thermo Tite Windows was first established in the year 1984 in an average-sized area of Port Chester in New York. This is the place where it also, eventually, bloomed into a solid corporation. It started out as a small-time business, which produces mainly storm fixtures, doors, and windows, in particular. It is still currently a private company, which is said to have yearly revenue of five to ten million dollars. The industry employs roughly twenty to fifty staff members. In spite of these seeming limitations, in terms of its growth, the enterprise continues to flourish, even until now, primarily because of its dedication to serving its customers with better products.

The company is currently under the command of President Randy Leeds, who started working for the industry as a sales agent, as well as a point person who is responsible for installing the fixtures. At this time, he learned the importance of listening more, especially in customer-related instances. He realized that selling several products is less essential than understanding the clients’ needs. This single philosophy, as well as sixteen years of hard work, earned him a great position in the corporation. He is now encouraging his employees to exercise the lessons that he himself has learned earlier.

With a focused leader spear-heading the company toward customer-friendly ethics, the industry has never worked better. It chiefly aims to give its clients the best merchandise, in terms of construction and the ability to last long. It also seeks to provide them with a flexible, lifetime warranty, which they can enjoy. Unlike other brands, it is not so concerned with selling and creating advertisements. It lets its name and qualities of work speak for itself.

Thermo Tite Window Styles

Products that are manufactured by the Thermo Tite Windows include:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Patio Doors

Thermo Tite Elegance

Thermo Tite Windows develop fixture lines that mix practicality with elegance. It ensures that customers are given a wide choice of colors and styles, as well as the construction. Each fixture is designed in such a way that building codes are satisfied. Knowing this, the clients are already given a background on what home-improvement item is the right one for their specific needs.

It is best known for using energy-efficient materials, which will do wonders to lessen the amount of electricity that users spend each month. These raw items are also quite durable, designed to withstand strong gusts of winds, in case of sudden changes in the climate. It prevents crime because the glasses that are utilized to produce the windows are shatter-resistant.

Thermo Tite Windows aims to provide its clients with the best and longest warranties by making sure that its products are of the highest quality. It is also relieving to know that all merchandise, from the construction to the installation, is covered by the lifetime guarantee. Still, customers should realize that instances that are not in the control of the company are not given assurance, such as the hazards of nature, like floods, fires, and hurricanes. This is quite true for intentional damage, vandalism, improper use, etc.

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