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Therma Tru Windows

Therma Tru Windows is Thermatru Windowsactually a part of an entirely different, yet connected, industry called the Therma-Tru Doors. It was first founded two decades ago and today, it is one of the country’s leading producers of home fixtures, which are mostly made from raw materials, such as fiber glass and stainless steel.

It is famous for its innovative technology, which features a Fiber Classic texture that gives its products a genuine, grainy texture. The company is constantly on demand by various contractors and builders nationwide.

The company’s desire to provide each home with a fixture that is durable enough to last a lifetime increased during the 1960s and as a result, the industry has then started to think up of revolutionary and ingenious ideas to set its products apart from those that belong to its competitors.

It started by creating styles and designs of doors that have never been seen before. It even used different materials, which were not really known back then. It is quite famous for the attention that each craftsman gives to intricate details.

However, not everything is built in such a way that people will be attracted by the pure beauty. In fact, many items are meant to stand strong against the harsh effects of natural calamities.

The company is currently developing a new line of windows so, unfortunately, a list of these home fixtures is not yet disclosed. The specialty of Therma Tru Windows is actually the production of various doors with several designs and functionalities.

Nevertheless, the industry is hoping and asking for its clients’ patients on this matter, as it seeks to perfect its practice first before serving the customers with fresh merchandise.

To those interested in the other merchandise that the business offers, refer to the short list of series below:

  • Rustic Series
  • Fiber Classic Series
  • Classic Craft Series
  • American Style Collection
  • Mahogany and Oak Series

As mentioned earlier, the Therma Tru Doors company is continuously seeking for methods, which will enhance the quality of its products, as well as improve the comforts of the homes of people who use them. With this in mind, the business started to purchase more modern facilities and equipment, which will ensure that each item that is constructed will be of premium-grade.

The company also aims to provide its clients with products that are unlike any other by developing and introducing technologies and features, which will make the doors and windows stand out among the rest with just one glance.

This is the exact philosophy that led to the creation of the Fiber Classic texture. This may well be the force, which will eventually produce a series of Therma Tru Windows.

Finally, Therma Tru Doors gives its users a lifetime warranty on parts and services, except for the labor costs. This guarantee has a wide coverage, from faulty designs to improper installations.

However, an equally long list is also provided in the contract, which states the instances where and when the assurance does not apply.