Stanley Replacement Windows

Stanley Windows ViewStanley WindowsWhile little is disclosed about the full history of Stanley Windows, it is enough that the essential details about the company are known, primarily for the reference of potential clients. The industry remains to be a private office, which is situated in Odessa in the state of Florida. It is popular for its commerce when it comes to manufacturing windows that can be used by all types and designs of home. It is reported to have an annual profit of one to three million dollars, and it currently employs a handful of staff members, approximately one to four people.

The company is best known for manufacturing replacement windows and new creations that are all purely made from vinyl. Many producers have now turned to vinyl for their chief, construction material, simply because of its durability and ability to last long, among others. As of today, the business has started to cater to the building and home-improvement needs of citizens who live in Alabama, Mississippi, Tampa, and Georgia.

The company aims to inform their clients, as well as their competitors, of the importance of owning energy-efficient fixtures inside the home. It is truly convenient because of the material’s energy-saving prowess and user-friendly functions. As it uses a textile that’s called PVC, users are assured that the items will not succumb to wear-and-tear easily. This is the perfect choice for locations that are greatly affected by the cold seasons and the winter months.

Stanley Window Styles

Stanley Windows currently offers products under the Pro-Fit and Ultimate Series, with specific styles, namely:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows

Stanley Window Options

The company’s main products consist of:

  • Replacement Windows
  • Custom Windows
  • New Windows
  • Vinyl Windows

As mentioned earlier, Stanley Windows currently offers a limited variety in the style of windows. Nevertheless, it makes up for it by allowing its customers the freedom to specify the intricate details and craftsmanship that they want to see in the fixture that they are planning to purchase. This includes a color combination of the exterior, as well as the window grids. This also involves the shape of the fixtures, construction-wise. It is important to note that certain establishments and renovations are strictly bound by building codes. For assistance on these matters, an adviser is always ready to share his professional opinions before a client can make a purchase. This is free of charge.

The main focus of the company is to provide American citizens with fixtures that will last long, while at the same time, easy on the budget. It also seeks to lessen the electricity costs that are garnered by making energy-efficient windows that are made from vinyl, which will do wonders to protect the house interior from the harsh weather changes. The industry makes sure that all items are of premium grade and durable enough to last for several generations.

Stanley Windows products are quite low maintenance, and they come with a lifetime warranty that is second to none. This guarantee, of course, depends on the terms that are written on the contract that the client signed after his purchase.

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