Showcase Windows

The company called Showcase Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors was established in the year 1994 in the town of Houston in Texas. Since its founding, it has been known to give its customers excellent windows and doors that are made from vinyl. In fact, it is one of the few companies in Texas, which first used vinyl to improve the quality of home-improvement fixtures. The same is true for the Low-E glass, which is a convenient feature that keeps heat effectively out of the home. What’s great about this particular industry is that it is open to drastic changes and specifications just to satisfy its clients.

As of 2004, the company’s products can be bought from leading markets nationwide. These have served as outlets for both old and new lines of the enterprise. The main headquarters of the privately-owned enterprise is situated in Texas, and it is currently bringing service to customers who live as far as the areas near the Gulf Coast.

In spite of the limitations in terms of the number of branches and outlets nationwide, Showcase Windows has steadily increased in growth and profit by providing its clients with vinyl fixtures via its distributors, specifically those that are located in the Gulf Coast. As of now, the business directly sells to people who live in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Summit Windows Products

These are the products that are currently offered by the company:

  • Tilt Single and Double Hung Window
  • Horizontal Sliding Window
  • Vinyl Sliding Window
  • Picture Window
  • Casement Window
  • Weather Shield Window
  • Protector Series Impact Window
  • Neuma Doors
  • KeepSafe Glass
  • Traditions SDL System
  • Obscure Glass Options
  • Showcase Blinds
  • Miscellaneous Items

Impact Windows

Showcase Windows is best known for its production of impact windows, which are basically shatter-resistant fixtures that are designed to endure strong gusts of winds, rain, and flying solid debris. These special items can be found underneath the company’s Protector Series. These windows are virtually indestructible, and they prevent UV rays from penetrating into the home. It can make a room soundproof, and it avoids crime.

In terms of customer relations, the company does its best to provide its clients with an excellent customer service group, which is basically made up of five people, who are dedicated to providing people with information 24/7. What’s different about these employees is that they are thoroughly learned about the industry’s history, as well as every detail about each product that is being offered.

Showcase Windows seeks to improve the comfort of its customer’s home by providing products that are energy-efficient. This will not only make sure that the temperature inside the house remains intact, but it also contributes to a lower electricity bill.

All products come with a limited warranty that is exclusively for the replacement of parts only. Unfortunately, the customer will be the one who will shoulder any labor costs that may arise from the damage. Each merchandise is guaranteed, depending on the company’s assurance about a particular item or material. Nevertheless, any injury that is done by the client is not insured, such as vandalism, improper installation, careless maintenance, etc.

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