Shelter Windows Reviews

Shelter-windowsShelter windows are a type of window that is used to provide protection from rain, sun, snow, hail and alike.

These windows are made of polycarbonate the shape of which resembles a canopy type of structure. It has brackets, fixing screws, aluminum bars, rubber strips, and polycarbonate boards as accessories. It uses vinyl and aluminum frames.

The window uses a standard glass with at least 5/8 glass thickness. The glass measures 16-28 inches in width and 24-68 inches in height. Shelter windows are screwed together in the sides of the house. It is 1 and 3/4 inches thick inside and outside the house and has Stiles and rails that have an external measurement of 1 and 7/8 inches wide. It has a rubber boot covering the insulated glass. This glass is about 5/8 inches thick.

Some shelter windows also use tempered, energy-saving, glazed, or low-E glass. It comes in various colors such as white, gray, green, blue, and brown. These windows are recommended in locations where the weather frequently changes because they can easily protect the user from the elements.
The shelter window can be easily installed and maintained. It is strong and sturdy to withstand and resist a Catastrophe level 12 typhoon. It protects the owner from the harmful rays of the sun as it provides 99% UV protection. It is resistant to any chemical and does not age quickly. It does not require frequent maintenance and is self-cleaning using rainwater.

In choosing Shelter Windows, it is important to consider the choice of a reliable contractor to install the windows so that they can perform their function to their best ability. Find a contractor that is recommended by friends, relatives, and neighbors that have installed a similar type of window. Consult and ask for a list of recommendations from trustworthy accrediting organizations or authorities like the Energy Star and the Better Business Bureau. The contractors, who are members of the groups like the Association of Window Dealers and Installers, have a good reputation and track record.

A critical consideration is the details of the window should match the needs of the customers. A method of determining the customer’s need is to measure the exposed glass and the exterior sash dimensions. Usually, extruded aluminum is used as a sash of shelter clad but this can be replaced with prime wood. Since both clad sashes and prime wood use the same glass size, they can be used interchangeably.

Shelter Window & Door is the major producer of Shelter Windows. It is based in Des Moines, Iowa but closed shop in late 2010. Its suppliers continue to provide replacement sashes for the casement windows. To order these sashes, remember to select the proper width and height as stated in the category series. The suppliers will deliver four pieces (two stile and two rails) per order. No glass, gasket, or screw is provided. The suppliers also provide its customers with two available options, a paint grade interior and a stain grade interior. The former is colored yellow pine with small knots or blemishes while the latter is clear yellow pine with no knots.

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