Sheffield Windows

Little is known about how the Sheffield Window Center first came to be. However, the opposite can be said about who and how the average-sized, Hunter family became a part of its popularity and growth. It was in 1980 when Mrs. Hunter decided, after careful consideration and serious evaluation of quotations, to invest in a conservatory to add to her home. This conservatory was, in fact, made by Sheffield Windows. Satisfied with the outcome and the results of the product, the family later depended on the company to renovate its porch.

Eventually, the Hunter family was informed of the owners’ plan to put a share of the company for sale. They took no time to purchase an incredible 50% of the stocks, greatly aided by the business that they had sold earlier. Soon enough, about one year later, the folks decided to buy the other half of the shares. In other words, as of today, Sheffield Windows is a private, Hunter family-owned business, which is slowly but steadily making its way to the list of front-running home-improvement industries.

Secret of Success

The secret to the success of this small corporation is its discipline and choice to stay away from the marketing strategies of its fellow competitors. Rather than spend time, energy, and money on costly advertisements, Sheffield Windows remains to be satisfied with few and simple flyers, leaflets, occasional media promotions, and of course, referrals or word of mouth.

Surprisingly, Sheffield Windows does not provide an actual list of the products and services that it offers to its clients. According to its website, it seems that the company focuses more on the quality and intricate details of the construction, rather than the concrete result. Nevertheless, clients are assured that windows and doors are produced with a material called the PVC-U. This is a convenient, raw textile, which can be utilized to develop fixtures, as well as replacement parts.

In spite of its decision to remain traditional when it comes to its advertisements and promotions, the company holds nothing back in terms of the modern machinery and facilities, which are needed to ensure that the quality of its products is excellent. It also continues to develop special features, which will improve the comforts of the users’ homes. These include:

  • Locking systems that are virtually impenetrable because of its improved security feature.
  • Excellent temperature insulation
  • Use of steel for maximum durability
  • Availability of A- and C-rated window glasses, which maintain the temperature level of the interior of the home and thus, saving more electricity.
  • Custom options for customers who want varieties in terms of the color, textile, and construction of the windows and doors.

Lifetime Warranty

Sheffield Windows provides its users with a lifetime warranty that is only transferable once. Nevertheless, this guarantee covers a lot of instances, which are not usually included in normal assurance terms, such as:

  • Glazing and exterior colors for maintenance purposes, which is effective for ten years.
  • Replacement parts for impulsive breakages of the window glasses.
  • Maintenance of the fixture blinds and shades.

It is important to note that damages that are caused by inevitable events, such as wear-and-tear and natural calamities are not covered by the warranty. The same is true for the client’s failure to maintain the products properly.

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