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Schuco WindowsThe Schuco brand is closely associated to energy efficiency. In fact, it advertises itself with the slogan Green Technology for the Blue Planet. With this slogan, it affirms its commitment towards the use of clean energy.

While the idea that it is putting forward suggests advanced technology, Schuco was actually founded back in 1951. Today, with the help of some 5,000 employees, the company is still willing to care for the planet by helping build one energy-efficient building at a time. The company now has 12,000 partner companies spread out in 78 countries.

Range of Schuco Windows Available

One of the ways in which the company can produce energy-efficient buildings is to manufacture energy-efficient windows. Schuco windows are not like any other energy-efficient windows out there. They are, in fact, specially built to save extra energy. Schuco windows make use of photovoltaic thin-film technology.
The windows are available in different materials, too. These materials include aluminum, PVC-U, and steel. Though the general purpose of these windows is about the same, it doesn’t mean that the windows look all the same. There is room for a lot of customization or personalization.

Some windows can also be designed especially to ensure the tightest security. There are Schuco windows that are actually designed to resist burglar’s entrance. Windows may even have built-in animation if the clients specify it. Most of the time though, the Schuco Company automates the facades and doors.

Schuco Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

The Schuco window brand itself has been around for more than half a century. During all this time, the company has committed and has continued to devote itself to discovering ways in which to save energy through the use of solar power and other technologies. For people who are interested in preserving the planet or even those who are just interested in saving money in terms of utility bills, Schuco windows are the answers. These windows are practical and responsible.

Together with the energy savings, the window owners will also experience a reduction in noise and good thermal insulation. Because the materials used for manufacturing the windows are very sturdy, these windows also protect the owners from break-ins or from simply being bothered by the elements.

Schuco Window Costs / Price Brackets

With all the features that a typical Schuco window comes with, it is understandable that it can be on the pricey side. In fact, a $200 window unit is pretty typical. This is still without the other trappings, meaning the burglar resistance, automation, and the monitors. So, Schuco windows are usually recommended for high-end projects such as commercial buildings. Homeowners who are devoted to energy efficiency and advanced technology may also still consider these windows.

Schuco Care & Warranty Information

The windows from the Schuco Company are guaranteed to be sold without defects and to be of high quality, having been manufactured with the use of advanced technology. Though the windows can be a little expensive, they are not high maintenance. The materials are sturdy enough to last.

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