Rusco Windows

Introduction & Brand History

The Rusco Company was founded way back in 1947 and had therefore served for more than half a century. It is located in Roanoke Valley. The company wants to define itself based on its community-driven service. It is poised towards making itself and the community surrounding it grow. In fact, Rusco’s network of dealers now encompasses over eight states. Rusco is currently a part of Lawrence Transportation Systems, which is a company owned by its employees. Lawrence Transportation Systems is involved in transportation and heavy equipment.

Range of Windows Available

Rusco windows are very varied. The company has made sure to cover the bases by providing both replacement and new construction windows. The main material used is vinyl. Rusco also offers bows, bays, and casements.

Replacement Windows

Typical replacement windows from Rusco are of the double-hung type. These windows manage to combine beauty and intelligent craftsmanship. They also do not require a lot of maintenance; the occasional wiping should suffice. One of the best features of these Rusco windows is that they are custom-fit to the frames they are going to be installed in though they do come in 7/8 inch insulated glass.

Construction Windows

There are also Rusco windows for homes that are still being constructed. The descriptions for construction windows are pretty similar to the replacement ones except that the homeowner or business owner can afford to be a little more creative. After all, these are windows that are just about to be set in a place that is in the process of being built. The Rusco company can and will accommodate most client requests for customization.

Bows, Bays, and Casements

For a little more drama in the home, the clients can choose bows, bays, or casements. Bays usually come with the charm while bows come with the dramatic flair. Casements can take on a wide variety of architectural forms. So, clients get to choose the mood that their home or office needs. Rusco windows can provide emotion and style into any place.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

With more than half a century under its belt, the Rusco Company can provide its clients with high quality, precision, experience, and a watchful eye on what is latest in technology and even in style.
The windows are customized to the needs of the client and the existing frames. They are also Energy Star compliant, which means that they are energy-efficient enough to save the owners money on utility bills.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

The best way to know the prices of windows for either commercial or residential projects is to call a representative at Rusco. Representatives can also accommodate questions during the showrooms.

Care & Warranty Information

All of the parts or materials of Rusco windows come with a lifetime or transferable limited warranty. This means that the percentage that the company can take responsibility for dwindles over the years. There are window materials, such as vinyl, however, that comes with a lifetime warranty. Others, such as glass, may be replaced without charge during the first twenty years when a defect is detected but may, later on, be replaced with a discounted years over time.

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