Polaris Windows Review

In 1959, Polaris began manufacturing its own windows and doors in Youngstown, Ohio. By 1979, their products were being distributed in Ohio and the five surrounding states. Today, however, the very same manufacturing facility in Youngstown is nearly 400,000 square feet and the company has become one of the leading suppliers of replacement windows in 38 states. Throughout this time, Polaris has remained at the forefront of product innovation and design.

polaris-windows-and-doorsPolaris offers quality replacement vinyl windows for every region and budget while being distributed through a reliable network of dealers.

Polaris’ main aim is to provide a product with maximum thermal efficiency, safety, functionality, security, and beauty.

Their ranges of windows are Energy Star certified, which means that all your energy-efficient needs will be met.


Polaris Window Replacement Options

At Polaris, you have the option of 3 amazing window ranges. This includes the DynaWELD, ThermalWELD PLUS, and highly acclaimed UltraWELD options. energy-efficient-window-installations

This company is known for its quality manufacturing of vinyl compound windows, which is a highly specialized material.

Its range of windows offer:

  • energy-efficiency
  • impact resistance
  • no cracking, splitting, peeling
  • protection against UV radiation
  • superior performance under varying conditions



The DynaWELD is constructed from a vinyl compound. It comes standard with fusion-welded frame and sash corners for extra strength. With heavy-duty weatherstripping, there will be no air infiltration.

You have the option of a standard fiberglass half screen, full screen, or aluminum mesh. This range also comes in various colors including tan, white, black, beige, bronze, green, and more.

Additionally, you have the option of 4 different decorative glass types as well as two different screen types and various other options to match your unique and specific needs.


The ThermalWELD Plus is a quality replacement vinyl window. Made from compound vinyl, this range has been designed to last a lifetime. The fusion-welded frame and sashes ad extra strength, bringing you a lifetime warranty.

This range also comes with a Low-E coating for extra energy efficiency and protection against harmful UV rays. Not only will this glass coating help you regulate the temperature inside your home better, but it will also protect your home’s interior from fading in the sun. This may include your furniture, carpets, and even your precious art collection. You have the choice of 11 different colors including tan, white, black, beige, bronze, green, and more.


This range comes standard with a double-hung sash tilt, making it easy to operate and even easier to clean. The compound vinyl design will also last you a lifetime, so you know that windows from Polaris are a smart investment. This product will not fade and maintains its color and smooth surfaces for many years to come. The Low-E coating ensures protection against harmful UV rays, protecting the interior of your home as well as assisting to regulate the temperature inside your home. This window also comes with argon gas filling between the panes of glass. Double-pane windows can be filled with argon gas to help insulate a room and minimize the transfer of heat through the window. This gas is colorless, odorless, not harmful at all, and greatly increases the energy efficiency of your windows.

Energy Star Rated Windows by Polaris

All window products from Polaris are Energy Star ratedEnergy-Star

Windows that carry the Energy Star certification are backed by the government and guaranteed to be among the most energy-efficient and reliable products on the market.

If you are looking for the best value for your money, always check for the Energy Star certification.

This way you can be assured that you can significantly lower utility and energy bills.

Polaris Windows Design

The Polaris line of windows is designed and built on a foundation of feedback received from its many valued customers over the years. Here you will be assured of the best quality and customer service available on the market.

When it comes to performance, Polaris’ windows are second to none. With special technology like the Intercept® “Warm-Edge”, a spacer uniquely designed to prevent condensation, you know that you are dealing with a market leader in window products.

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