Nu Sash Windows Review

Nu-Sash has been a household name in America since 1934. Its custom-made windows represent some of the best innovations seen on the market today. Nu-Sash began this tradition with Harold Etling, founder, and creator of the first-ever combination storm and screen window, one of many innovations that he personally oversaw. This company’s list of achievements speaks for itself, and it’s easy to see why they have remained one of the market leaders for windows and doors in Indianapolis, Michigan, Kansas City, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and beyond.

nu-sash-windowsNu-Sash is a company that stands behind all its products. This is not much different from when Harold Etling went door-to-door selling his quality products back in 1934. However, since opening its doors, this company went on to pioneer the first-ever custom-made-to-order replacement windows, among many other achievements. Some of this company’s other achievements include introducing the tilt-in sash for easy cleaning, making insulating glass the standard, and also one of the first manufacturers to offer high-performance glass in their replacement windows.

Nu Sash Window Options

Nu Sash‘s range of windows is constructed utilizing some of the finest materials around. Their windows are made from hand-selected furniture-grade 1-1/4″ hardwood veneer, and it’s available in oak or birch. They offer superior strength with a maintenance-free uPVC vinyl exterior that will make them last a lifetime. The window selection includes the following:

Bay Windows

Bay windows can completely change the purpose and atmosphere of a room.bay-window

These windows are a three or more-sided design that protrudes from the exterior wall of your house.

They can be installed around a bathtub to make bathing a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience, but they are most often installed in a living room so you have a private little area for reading, doing crafts, or displays.

Adding this extra dimension expands your beautiful view while creating a more open environment for you and your guests to enjoy.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are larger and add more natural light to a room. They are similar to bay windows in that they are angled or curved to create a bench-like space. However, Bows have more glass than Bays and are often longer. And not only are they a beautiful feature from inside your home, but they can also massively improve your curb appeal.

Double-hung Windows

The double-hung window is the most common style of window available today. They are energy-efficient and versatile because they offer the freedom to open both the top and bottom sashes for better airflow and ventilation. This range by Nu Sash is constructed from vinyl, meaning that your regular maintenance issues are a problem of the past. Double-hung windows are also relatively affordable, giving you long-term cost-saving benefits on your energy bill, and more importantly, peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the smart choice.

Nu Sash Window Ranges

Here’s what Nu Sash has to offer:


The Stafford replacement windows from Nu Sash have a multi-cavity construction made from unplasticized material.

Beauty and low maintenance are what makes this range so attractive to consumers. Nu-sash-windows-curb-appeal


Somerset replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty against any defects and failures of the material and workmanship to the original owner of the home. They are extremely easy to maintain and they won’t rot, peel or rust. The Somerset range comes in two popular styles to match your home’s style as well as two neutral colors – white and sandalwood.


At Nu-Sash, you are assured of high-quality, energy-efficient windows that require almost no maintenance and backed up by a warranty that says this company stands by its products. Not only will this design add to your home’s value and curb appeal, but this quality will also serve to reduce your heating and cooling costs all-year-round.

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