Jack’s Wholesale Windows Reviews

Jack’s Wholesale Windows is rated as one of the top wholesale replacement window suppliers around. Located in Hammond, Indiana, this family-owned business offers a large selection of quality vinyl windows. All of their products have been designed to not only ad instant value to your home and curb appeal, but also reduce your heating and cooling costs with their energy-efficient design.

jacks-wholesale-windowsJack’s Wholesale Windows bring you affordable windows through a process that makes choosing your windows easy. Their outstanding workmanship and lifetime warranty speaks for themselves while the excellent customer service speaks volumes, ensuring you will be left 100% satisfied.

Their friendly staff is professionally trained and knowledgeable, proving that this company cares about a higher standard when it comes to replacing your windows.

Jack's Wholesale Window Selection

Replacing your windows in your home is an investment, so you have to be sure you’re working with a reliable, well-established company like Jack’s Wholesale Windows.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are so similar that they are sometimes confused with each other.

Bay-and-Bow-WindowBay windows are mostly installed to replace an existing window, whereas bow windows are popular for new construction due to their large size and unique construction.

These windows are very popular because they channel more natural light into your home as well as offer extra space for seating, storage, and more.

Jack’s Wholesale Windows offer bay and bow windows in 3-Lite, 4-Lite, 5-Lite or 6-Lite units.  They are constructed with heavy-duty, stainless steel turnbuckle support systems and threaded steel rod-reinforced mullions. Not only are these windows beautifully installed and aesthetically pleasing with your choice of double- or triple-paned high-performance glass, but this product will last you a lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment to make.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows remain the most popular windows around, and for good reason. For starters, both sashes are able to open, so they are easy to operate and even easier to clean. This range from Jack’s Wholesale Windows comes in two solid colors, 3 wood-grain interior finishes, and 8 exterior colors for you to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sliding Windows

Vinyl sliding windows from Jack’s Wholesale Windows remain one of their most popular choices since opening their doors for business.

Sliding-windowsThey are functional, durable, economical, and their energy-efficiency sets them apart from the competition.

Unlike traditional single- or double-hung windows, sliding windows open horizontally instead of vertically and known for their ease of operation.

Sliding windows also require lower maintenance because they have fewer moving parts, making them ideal for any climate you might find yourself in.

Triple Sliding

These vinyl replacement windows come in standard white, but can also be designed with beige or one of 8 other customs colors of your choice. It comes standard with an extruded aluminum screen frame with reinforced corners, fiberglass mesh screen, and custom sized to 1/4 inch. With correct installation, you can expect these sliders to last for many years without giving you trouble.

Single Vent Casement

This range from Jack’s Wholesale Windows is available in either left- or right swinging and comes in three different wood grain laminates for your interior as well as eight thermo-coating painted finishes for your home’s exterior.

Casement windows work well when combined as part of larger window installations, such as in bay or bow window installation.

Double Casement

Double casement windows can bring a more elegant look than other window types.

Generally, both sashes can operate or one or both can be fixed. These windows have very low air infiltration rates, making them extremely energy-efficient. On the other hand, they are also an excellent way to ventilate due to opening from the side.

Most of all, they provide unobstructed views of the outside.

Triple Casement

curb-appeal-window-replacementTriple casement vinyl replacement windows are the most energy-efficient designs available from Jack’s Wholesale Windows.

They come standard with a state-of-the-art Duralite spacer system.

This range is available in extensive glass and color options while the inside can be white or beige vinyl. You also have the option of five different vinyl woodgrain laminates if you want the wood look.

Jack's Wholesale Windows Guarantee

Jack’s offers an unmatched Lifetime Guarantee. This means that they stand by their products.  Their lifetime installation guarantee will also give you peace of mind knowing that your home improvement project will be free of installation and labor defects. Moreover, Jack’s Wholesale Windows warranty is a NON-PRORATED backing. This means that, when needed, they will provide you with professional workmanship at no additional charge for any labor and installation defects.

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