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Having a window line designed specifically for Florida’s climate was very important. In steps FAS Windows and Doors. With more than 70 years in the business, this Florida-based company has made a name for itself by not only taking care of its customers but supplying them with a product that really delivers on its promises. This is the largest volume window and door dealer for residents in Central Florida with showrooms in Winter Park and Tampa.

FAS-windows-and-doorsFAS is committed to providing the highest quality, energy-efficient windows alongside outstanding customer service and a reputation that precedes them.

Its 1-year service inspection guarantee will give you peace of mind knowing that your windows will be professionally installed and work as intended.

At FAS you have a selection of the best American-made windows from the top brands to choose from, including:

  • Andersen
  • Eagle
  • Simonton
  • PGT

FAS Replacement Windows

FAS’ replacement windows come in many different options, colors, and styles to help bring your vision to life. Here you can choose from the following designs:

Double-hung windows

FAS-replacement-windowsDouble-hung windows are the most common type of windows across the US. They are the perfect traditional choice for colonial, Victorian, or ranch homes.  They are a good economical choice if your home needs a lot of new windows.


Sliding windows

Sliding windows are convenient, classic, and fully customizable so that you can make them work for your home. A sliding window is like a double-hung window turned on its side.  These horizontal windows with sashes that slide back and forth are extremely popular not only for their ease of use and practicality but also their energy-efficient qualities.

Casement windows

Casement windows open sideways and generally used in the design of bay windows and other multi-window displays. They are flexible in terms of style and can suit anywhere you might want a window that can open and close. Casement windows tend to have a slightly tighter seal than most windows, making them extremely energy-efficient.

FAS' Exclusive Window Options

FAS Windows also offers you a wide range of high-quality replacement windows made exclusively for them.

FAS’ exclusive line of windows include:

FAS-windows-curb-appealAssurance: This line is specifically designed to deal with coastal hurricane impact zones. These come with a host of benefits included in its design. For starters, you will experience a reduction in your energy bills due to its energy-efficient design. Properly installed hurricane windows also provide the highest level of protection to your home. This has to do with their construction.

Distinction: The Distinction range is the highest performing window with its energy-efficient, laminated glass package that also adds another layer of security to your home. What’s more, they also have much-sought-after noise reduction qualities that come in options of a double-hung, 2-lite slider, 3-lite slider, casement, colonial casement, awning, picture, and more.

Traditions: This line is also available in a double-hung, 2-lite slider, 3-lite slider, casement, colonial casement, awning, picture, and more. It comes standard with a fusion-welded frame and sash, contoured extruded lift rail, raised exterior design, and dual airlock, to name a few outstanding features.

FAS Window Materials

At FAS you have the option of virgin vinyl or wood-clad windows.

Vinyl windows are perfect for many climates and will outlast most other materials no matter how harsh the weather is. Their range of vinyl windows is made to the exact specification you require for your home and come with a lifetime warranty.

Their wood-clad windows offer the timeless beauty of natural wood combined with the energy efficiency of the most modern designs anywhere on the window replacement market. Wood-clad windows have an interior-facing, traditional wood frame paired with a weather-resistant exterior frame.


FAS is a reputable and reliable company, worthy of your trust. They bring an energy-efficient design with superior quality windows to your remodeling project. Their customer service is excellent and their knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. FAS’s range of windows is enough to satisfy all your needs, and with a company that stands by their products like FAS, you know you’re in good hands.

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