AMSCO Windows Reviews

AMSCO Windows has been able to stay on the cutting edge of the industry for more than 60 years. From their high-tech facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah, they are considered one of the premier vinyl window manufacturers in the United States today. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their hand-crafted, American-made windows. 

amsco-windowsWith this company, you can rest assured that you are working with the industry’s best. Their range of windows and glass options will ensure your home not only looks good but stays protected.

If you are considering AMSCO windows, please keep in mind that they are not a wholesale supplier of windows parts and quantities on order will be limited to household quantities only.

AMSCO Window Options

AMSCO windows have amazing energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly vinyl windows. Apart from various glass options to choose from that are suitable for any type of climate, mild or extreme, you can find the following designs:

Renaissance Signature Series

amsco-casement-windowsThe Renaissance Signature Series is highly energy-efficient. It’s made from composite thermoplastic resins with high-temperature tolerance and a solid frame for extra strength.

The acrylic finish prevents the design from peeling, making regular maintenance a thing of the past.

Artisan Series

This series is extremely popular as a functional vinyl window and perfect for remodeling or retrofit installations. It has deep beveled edges high-performance weatherstripping set in a sturdy frame, and it comes in a variety of styles to match even the fussiest of homeowners. The insulated glass with a warm-edge spacer and fusion-welded corners also ensure protection against air-leakage and heat transfer.

Restoration Series

This modern and contemporary design is the perfect double-pane window for remodeling or retrofit installations. Its double strength glass offers amazing energy-efficiency qualities for year-round comfort while the noise reduction it offers will be perfect if you’re in a busy area.

Studio Series

amsco-energy-efficient-windowsThis budget-friendly vinyl window combines the best of both worlds. It offers the perfect blend of performance and style while still being budget-friendly.

This series comes with interlocking panels and high-performance weather stripping provides increased protection against wind and water.

They are custom-designed to fit any architectural design or custom window that you desire.

Vista Series

The Vista Series offers the ultimate price-conscious choice. This new construction window comes standard with the choice of single- or double-pane, and a wide selection of glass pattern options. It comes in white, almond, and taupe with a range of grid styles to choose from.

Serenity Series

The Serenity Series makes for easy and simple installations. This is the window if you want to reduce the noise coming into your home from outside.  It comes as a horizontal slider, single hung, or picture window and includes include Low-E, tinted Low-E 140, obscure, and other specialty glass options, making this range extremely energy efficient.

Glass Options

AMSCO‘s selection of glass has some of the most advanced designs in the windows industry.

You can select from:


Low-e-windowsSuitable for all types of climates and temperatures, CōzE’s energy-efficient qualities keep the warmth inside during winter and the cold out. Its insulating properties make it makes range more efficient than insulated glass.

It has a clear view that no hazy tints obstruct but still block up to 85% of harmful ultraviolet sunlight. With this glass type around your home, you will experience a notable reduction in your energy costs.

CōzE Tint

The Tint has been designed to absorb ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and reflect infrared rays – providing protection as well as the perfect temperature for the interior of your home.  This design can block as much as 85% of harmful ultraviolet rays, 60% of all visible light, as well as s 75% radiated heat, making this window perfectly suited to all regions of the solar energy spectrum.


energy-efficient-windows-amscoCōzE HV is the clearest view with the highest energy efficiency of any performance glass on the market.

It has been specifically designed to block out most of the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The triple-layer silver coating provides a solar shield without obscuring the view.

This also serves to protect the interior of your home including furniture, carpets, and wall coverings from fading or damage due to sunlight.

CōzE Vantage

The CōzE Vantage has an interior, room-side surface Low-E coating on two of its surfaces. It can achieve energy efficiency that’s simply unmatched by any of its competitors. During installation, special care must be taken to ensure the glass does not scratch, and cleaning also requires some specific attention in order to maintain its integrity for years to come.

AMSCO Windows Warranty

AMSCO delivers a high-quality product that exceeds expectations, and that’s why their warranty offers peace of mind. They stand by their product with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in the materials and the workmanship. The warranty is valid as long as you remain in the residence, and should any problem arise with your product within 90 days, simply contact AMSCO directly should the dealer near you not be able to assist.


AMSCO care about their clients, and it shows through their excellent customer service and quality products. Their commitment lasts a lifetime. They control the whole manufacturing process, from start to finish, and combine years of experience to craft raw materials into some of the best windows in the industry today.

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