Pinnacle Windows

Introduction & Brand History

Pinnacle Window & Siding Co. has been around for 32 years. During this time, the company is able to establish itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of windows. The people behind the company have shown themselves to be innovative, experienced, and have updated technical know-how. It is important for any fenestration company, or any company for that matter, to be always updated when it comes to technology. While Pinnacle Window & Siding Co. has already established itself, it still gives new clients a reason for trusting it more by putting contracts into writing. The doors and windows that are manufactured by the company also come with warranties. Pinnacle windows are now associated with Simonton.

Range of Windows Available

The company can offer just every type of window there is available. However, there are particular series of windows that are offered through Pinnacle Window & Siding Co.

Polar Wall Series

The windows that belong to the Polar Wall Series provide good insulation. They are energy efficient. So, Pinnacle windows in these series can keep the warmth longer inside a room, thus making the homeowner save money on utility bills. Sash overlaps and interlocks also further help the homeowner save on utility bills by ensuring that air and water do not seep into any cracks, because there aren’t any, given the tight seal.

Prism by Simonton

These Pinnacle windows are manufactured by Simonton. Through these windows, the homeowner can achieve the perfect combination of unique and beautiful designs with sturdiness and functionality. The PRISM windows from Simonton are fusion-welded and make use of double-strength glass.

Generations by Simonton

These series of Pinnacle windows are also manufactured by Simonton. The focus here is on zero maintenance and energy efficiency. The windows can also protect those who are inside, from the elements or even from possible thievery. The series proves that a product can be beautiful while also being practical.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

With Pinnacle Window & Siding Co., clients can be assured that they will be getting not only durable and beautiful windows but also energy-efficient ones. The company itself distributes windows from other manufacturers that are also well-known in their trade.
One of the features that the company is proud of is its customer service. The company provides all the information the clients needed even before contracts have been signed.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

Clients can ask for a free quotation of the Pinnacle windows they like best. The company will base its assessment on the building or replacement project, the type of materials needed, and whether the windows are to be used in a residential home or in a commercial building. The costs of the windows at Pinnacle are also reasonable. Clients have often compared prices with offerings from other companies and have found Pinnacle the high quality but affordable choice.

Care & Warranty Information

As is usual with warranties on windows and doors, the given warranty is 10 to 20 years on parts and generally, a limited time warranty for most of the products is provided.

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