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Pella Windows Prices

Pella Windows PricesPella has long been a trusted manufacturer of high-quality windows for homeowners who don’t want to forfeit quality on their budget. They believe in the importance of offering homeowners a wide array of styles, colors, and materials at a price that suits your budget. Pella windows prices reflect this ideology.

At Pella’s you will find a variety of choices in different price ranges so you can browse for a product that suits your unique needs and budget without sacrifice. With Pella products, you get dependable, reliable performance and unsurpassed beauty that will last in your home for decades to come.

Pella Windows Prices Comparison

Window Type350 Vinyl Series450 Proline Series750 Designer SeriesEncompass Vinyl Series Impervia Fiberglass Series
$100 -$150--$100 - $180$100 -$190
$130 -$165$155 - $270$335 - $715 $145 - $230$155 -$265
Casement$225 -$385$225 - $285$380 - $915$190 - $380$175 -$460
Awning$90 - $125$170 - $225$360 - $615$125 - $175$100 -$180
Sliding$115 - $190--$135 - $250$140 -$235

Pella Window Series Comparison

350 Vinyl Series

This series offers a triple-pane glass that is up to 83% more energy efficient compared to single pane windows, making Pella windows prices almost insignificant. Homeowners appreciate the extra strength and durability compared to other typical vinyl products while enjoying the premium features with their new windows.

450 Proline Series

This is Pella’s most popular line of windows. The 450 series offers aluminum-clad wood windows with exteriors that require very little maintenance. Pella has designed this mid-priced series to include their most popular features, styles, sizes and shapes at a very competitive price for homeowners.

750 Designer Series

This aluminum-clad line offers a variety of snap-in, between the glass blinds, options for those looking to customize the look of their windows a bit more. These windows are up to 74% more energy efficient compared to single pane windows of the same quality.

Encompass Series

The Encompass series windows are easy to care for, low maintenance vinyl windows. Pella has made sure to offer homeowners energy efficient styles and options to fit any budget large or small, and certainly, hits the mark with this line.

Impervia Series

This is Pella’s fiberglass window option, which offers superior protection and durability for those who experience extreme weather conditions. Made from their patented Duracast® fiberglass material, this product line offers outstanding resistance to air, water, wind and noise infiltration, while maximizing efficiency, security, and ease of operation.

What About Warranties?

While just about every window manufacturer will profess that they have the best warranty, it’s always best to do a bit of research on your own, and when it comes to Pella windows prices, you should do the same. A reputable company will publicly post their warranty information and make it easy for consumers to find without hassle.  You can find Pella’s unparalleled product warranty information here.

In addition, it’s also recommended that you take a look at a variety of verified customer reviews. This helps you to get a general idea of how satisfied customers are with the products. While neither of these should be the only deciding factor with such a large investment, they should certainly be part of the equation.

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